Wonderful Ice Cream Moments and Zoo-Gratefuls: 06/10/2015

How was everybody’s Wednesday?  Was it Great and Wonderful?  What about today made it that?  Who did you meet, where did you go, what did you do, how was it?

My wonderful moment was spending the day with my Sister and Blueberry.  At the end of the our outing to the Zoo, we had ice cream.  And he looks and feels about ice cream just the way I do.


I love ice cream.

We had a grand time!

What am I grateful for?

  1. My sister for inviting me
  2. The Zoo (for being open)
  3. My roommate (for taking me to Walmart to get some things very much needed)
  4. Mason Pay Easy (a shoe site, that allows payment towards shoes, also very much needed)
  5. My clients (they are wonderful)
  6. Work (is wonderful)
  7. Kitties (are full of mischief)
  8. Rain (rain is coming, love the rain)
  9. My education (which allows me to self treat myself to massage)
  10. Cupcakes (are delicious)


jelly fish at the Minnesota Zoo


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