Eating Wonderfully and Friendly Gratefuls: 06/12/2015

How was everybody’s Day?  Did you have kiddo laughter and giggles today?  Did you get to cuddle?  Did you Furry Family members get up to mischief?

Today was Blueberry Day.  He had an AWESOME morning.  Best Morning Ever.  Watching construction lay down some asphalt. He was a very happy boy.

Today my roommate and I had dinner, mostly of food that has been bought from Aldi’s. Juicy Steak, potatoes, and some carrots.  It was wonderfully delicious.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. Excluding the bonds of a former friendship, when I asked if there was any tethers on me from DG, the answer was no.
  2. My roommate (she is an excellent cook)
  3. My Kitten (she fights it but soon she just dozes in my arms purring away)
  4. NEW SANDALS (my legs are like wait, what?  we’re supposed to work like THAT.  I can feel muscles working the way they should)
  5. Family (Where would we be, if it wasn’t for family, whether by blood or self made, family is great)
  6. Car2Go (awesome to have the opportunity to use when needed)
  7. Aldi’s (affordable groceries)
  8. Another Wonderful Beautiful Day!
  9. The Earth (nature is awesome, and the day is awesome, and I’m content)
  10. Guided meditations (remembered or otherwise)

Have a good Night, and I’ll journal with you tomorrow.


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