Accomplished Wonderfuls and Pleasant Gratefuls: 06/16/2015

How was everybody’s Day?  Was Tuesday a Wonderful Day?  Was it Great?  Did you have a crazy cat climbing the windows?  Really it’s strange when they do that.

I had an accomplished Day.  My clients were all happy, I got several rebooks.  IT was an accomplished day.  Even got my paperwork done between each client.  Happy dance.

What am I grateful for?

  1. Not having to ride the bus in the morning (yay!)
  2. Getting use the vehicle today.
  3. Seeing my clients (some return clients)
  4. being able to talk to the supervisor about some concerns, and do a memo
  5. My crazy cat
  6. My affirmations
  7. The Beautiful Wonderful Day I had
  8. MY life
  9. My family
  10. My roommate

I hope everybody had an awesome evening and hopefully I will journal with you later this morning.


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