Bouncing Wonderfuls, Resting Gratefuls, and Tarot of the Day: 06/19/2015

LAST FRIDAY BEFORE SUMMER!  How was your Day? Was it Great?  Was it Wonderful?  Did you accomplish what you set out to do?  Did you accomplish something you weren’t expecting?  What made today Great and Wonderful?

This morning Blueberry and I along with the dog went for a walk.  And Blueberry spotted a bunny!  He was so happy.  He was really happy when we spotted a back hoe.  Then pizza for lunch.  I am an AWESOME auntie!

What am I grateful for?

  1. My life (perfect in it’s imperfection)
  2. This Wonderful Beautiful Day we just had.
  3. My Kitty (she’s an indoor kitty, very grateful for that)
  4. Car2Go (has excellent customer service)
  5. MetroTranit
  6. My little Blueberry
  7. My Roommate (we talked)
  8. Waffles
  9. Hot Showers
  10. Guided Meditations

This morning’s Guided Meditation was OM with Affirmations.

Today’s Affirmation was I am an AWESOME Auntie.

wpid-20150619_090845.jpgPrincess of Pentacles
Druid Craft Tarot
Art by Will Worthington

Studious, Self Reliant, Good-Natured

If you have drawn this card, this may well signal that there is potential for a new phase of creativity in your life. If this is so, see if you can spend time meditating on both the seeds of your creative project that lie in the past and on your vision of them as you would like to them to manifest in the future. This card could also indicate the arrival of happy news about a family member of friend, or good news about money, investments, property or work.

> Today is my last day at CBC. I’ve resigned, and technically my resignation is effective with the 30th, but I’m not on the schedule at all. So YIPEE! This isn’t a loss, per say, but a gain. LESS stress! I’ve also been seeing a lot of positive omens lately. What else can go Right? There are couple speed bumps, but when working towards something, that’s to be expected. The Universal Divine sends out random ‘tests’ to be sure, you are sure that you have what you want, or are working towards what you REALLY want.



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