Wonderful Lessons, Grateful Encounters, and Tarot of the Day: 06/22/2015

How was everybody’s Monday?  Was it wonderful? Was it Great?  Did you learn any lessons?  Were they pleasant lessons or the ones you would care not to repeat?

Lessons are lessons, they’re kinda like change, sometimes it’s pleasant, sometimes not.

My wonderful lesson was about boundaries, and taking the hint today.  While I understand why I had to learn it, I’m still a little miffed about the way it came about.  But then again, I didn’t take the hint when it was purposed twice.

What am I grateful for?

  1. My crazy Cat (currently running around the apartment like a crazy furball)
  2. My roommate (we went to movie together)
  3. Guided meditations (help me stay grounded)
  4. Metro Transit (helps me get to work on time)
  5. Lessons (learned what to say and what not to say in front of people who don’t know what you know)
  6. My Life (perfect in it’s imperfections
  7. This Wonderful Amazing Day full of Sun and Rain, (the thunderstorms were nice to go back to sleep with)
  8. My clients (their wonderful)
  9. Credit Unions (it’s nice just to go in, hand them a twenty, and say what I need back, w/o paperwork)
  10. Water (cold water is so refreshing, especially when you know exactly where it comes from)

wpid-20150622_120801.jpgThree of Swords
Druid Craft Tarot
Art by Will Worthington

Heartache, Potential for transformation, wisdom from suffering,

This card indicates heartache, and we all know how entwined the experiences of love and sorrow are. Threes mean fruition, harvest, fulfillment; Swords often mean conflict. The harvest of conflict is pain, and yet so often it acts as a catalyst for change.

> One card that I drew for this cycle of the Moon, advised that I need to watch out for anger. How I deal with mine and the anger of others. During the New Moon (the dark moon) I got really pissed with J, and and let him know it. Now J is very sensitive, in ways that I’m not quite fathoming yet, but he doesn’t respond well to there peoples anger. And took my anger to mean that I now hated him. So that’s what we talked about on Saturday.

Today I got really frustrated. Mainly because time is precious, and my new place really doesn’t get that. My first client cancelled 30 min prior to his appointment, and I was frustrated at the people around me, even though they weren’t the problem, they were doing their job. I was told to talk to L, but I kept griping, and instead one of them went to L, and I got talked to. I know I did wrong, I shouldn’t have griped, I should have taken it up with L, but I didn’t take the hint. I did apologize. It’s outside my comfort zone to do so, but I did apologize.


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