Wonderfully Exhausted, Gratefully Cleaned, and Tarot of the Day: 06/23/2015

How was everybody’s Tuesday?  Was it Great?  Was it Wonderful?  Did Awesome things happen?  What made it great or wonderful?

I’m currently spotted with a water/backing soda paste.  I’ve been getting some bumps lately, and I’m thinking either hives or bugs.  I’m kinda leaning towards hives right now.  Which means I’m going to have to start to do some research, on my self.

I cleaned everything today, the bed got a good spray down of Melaleuca, as did the pillows.  All the sheets got washed, a pillow got tossed (mainly because it may have been part of the problem), the I swept the floor of the my room, the hall, the kitchen, the dining and living room, shredded some paper, mailed some mail, and smudged.

The Baking Soda/Water Paste actually works by the way.  Which is good, because I have almost know EO mix left right now.  If I don’t itch them they disappear rather quickly, not so much when I itch them.

So I’m wonderfully exhausted today, because I cleaned the apartment, and got up early for a client.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. My Bed (it’s comfy)
  2. My Roommate (she’s here)
  3. My crazy cat (even though she wakes me up at 5-544am in the morning)
  4. Aldis (very budget friendly)
  5. My clients (they’re awesome)
  6. Donuts (comfort food)
  7. Baking Soda and Water (does the trick)
  8. Azhari (because he’s Azhari)
  9. Friendly people in line (let me go ahead)
  10. My Life (perfect in imperfection
  11. The Wonderfully Awesome Day (accomplished much)

I really want to crash now.

wpid-20150623_103827.jpgXIX The Sun
Druid Craft Tarot
Art by Will Worthington

Happiness, Contentment, Success, Energy, Wonder, Lucidity, Optimism, Joy, Freedom, Fruition, Creative Expression

This is the card of your full creative potential being realized in the world. The depth and the power of the moon and of the Goddess, and of your imagination, unties with the brightness, strength and clarity of the God and the Sun, and of you expressive powers. The work of the bard as poet, musician, artist, and storyteller is elevated in this card to the status given to it by the Ancients and the wise of today. In expressing our creativity we are co-creators with God and Goddess – we partake of their powers, which flow through us into the World.

Today’s Affirmation was I am a Divine child that is Loved and Cherished.

The Guided Meditation was Om and Affirmations.

Good Night all…


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