Tarot of the Day: XII The Hanged Man: 06/25/2015

How has everybody’s Day gone so Far?

This morning’s meditation was a guided Dawn meditation.  It was a short one, I didn’t have the time-ish this morning for my long one, but wanted to do one all the same.   It was centering.

ah that breeze through the window is AWESOME

This morning’s Affirmation was I am ME

wpid-20150419_115950.jpgXII The Hanged Man
Druid Craft Tarot
Art By Will Worthington

Keywords: Reversal of Values or attitudes, patience, surrender or sacrifice, deepening of experience, peace, Independence.

Message: Go deeper now, and let go of your striving. True freedom and independence is found through surrender.

> Today, I’m supposed to get my IdealShake canisters.  I can hardly wait.  Today is also a Blueberry day!


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