Wonderful Walks and Grateful Visits: 06/25/2015

How was everybody’s Day?  Was it Great and Wonderful?  What made it so?  Do you have a crazy Old man (ahem Cat) that eats plants?

I had several wonderful walks today.  Two with Blueberry to watch the construction on the road, and Two dealing with the Library.

Let me tell you a secret.  You can go to the library and get almost every book you ever wanted to read, and it doesn’t cost you anything (other than fines if you never return them).  Where as at the bookstore it gets a bit pricy.  That way you find out if you like the book first, and then buy it.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. My little Blueberry (we read several books today, and went for walks)
  2. Making big burly men happy to have little boys watching them work.
  3. Helping some one load a wood pallet on a wheel barrel (Don’t ask)
  4. Catching a kitty outside and sharing a meow
  5. Catching a squirrel “hiding” in the tree
  6. Seeing all sorts of dogs out with their humans this evening.
  7. The library (ya know for the books)
  8. Car2Go (awesome customer service)
  9. My Life on this Wonderfully Awesome Day
  10. Cold Water for towels that cool down annoyed itchy skin.

Hope everybody has a good night!  Good Night!


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