What a busy day!

Today was a busy day.

Dropped my roommate off at work, came home, got the images and guided I needed for my vision board class on Sunday ready, got my camera, got the cable box, got the empty jugs for water, and away I went.

First stop was the green place. I hadn’t been able to visit in a month. Got a sweet parking spot in the shade. Nice!

Took some pictures on the camera and on the phone.


Water lilies

It was a humid day with a nice breeze.

I’m really grateful for the breeze.

I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do today.  It feels wonderful! Though the water is still in the trunk, it’s okay.

I got to get the pictures printed.
I made contact with one creditor.
I turned in the cable box.
I got water.
I got to take lots of pictures.
I got to open doors for elders.
I got to get a diet soda for another elder.

I accomplished much on my day off. Tomorrow I’ll be working and hopeful having an ice cream date with my dad.

I feel joy, happiness, contentment, and accomplishment fulfilling my obligations, living in Abundance, and manifesting my dreams.

I am worth it.

Hope everyone had an awesome week!


Contemplative Thoughts, Wonderful Reading, and Grateful Moments: 07/23/2015

I am Worth it!

That is the message that I’ve received today. I am worth the effort.  I am worth the respect.  I am worth the communication.  I am worth it.  I am worth the future.  I am worth the change that is coming.  I am worth the blissful blessings that the Universe has in store for me.  I am Worth my Dreams.  I am worth it.  I am worth the money.  I am worth the Freedom.  I am worth the Healthy.  I am worth it.  I am worth the love.  I am worth the friendships.  I am worth the family.  I am worth it. I am worth the joy.  I am worth the happiness. I am worth the effort.  I am worth it.  I am worth the accomplishments.  I am worth the Balance. I am worth it.  I am worth the success.  I am worth my dreams.  I am worth my destiny.  I AM WORTH IT!

Will it be easy, in ways yes.   It all depends on how fluid I’m with it.  Change can be easy, Change can be difficult.  Change can be both.  It’s all up to you.

I’m getting ready to get in touch with some people and companies, which for me is a big step, because at this point in time, I’m not sure what’s coming, but I know that it’s coming.  This evening I got a ride on the Metro bus, and we ended up talking about anything from insurance, to taxes, to the differences in DMVs (MN vs VA).  But I think I needed to hear what he had to say, as well as another person saying it.  I need to touch base with some people, and it may be just that, touching base, it may be making arrangements, it may be alot of things.  I don’t know unless I take that step, and see what can be done.

I am very Grateful for that moment and experience.  It also showed me another instance of “it’s a small World”.  The bus driver was from Virginia, and I lived in Virginia for 13 years before moving back to Minnesota.

This (debt) is something that D and I talked about, and she was all about make contact, send a little money,  at least make the attempt.  I wasn’t really willing to.  I resented her “mothering”.  I know it’s part of her personality as well as astrological sign, but meh.  I know that it’s something that I need to do.  I can’t just let it go on some of them, it has to be taken care of.   I know that some of them will have to be let go of, and some of them may be able to be settled, but I won’t know till I try.

Heavy thoughts tonight.

Wonderful Events is reading.

Reading and actually understanding more of events and relationships in the past that didn’t end well. Knowing one thing in one area, but the other area still wants to understand, or proof about some thoughts.  Reading both Gifted and Opening to a Channel has helped immensely.   They’ve, especially Gifted and in some ways Opening to Channel , sparked ideas of what to do going forward.  And Lisa had said in my reading that I’ll need two jobs in order to accomplish the money issue. I know that I can’t do something outside of my chosen field.  It’s not for the lack of trying.  I’ve tried, I’ve turned it resumes, I’ve done interviews, but all my history is healing since 2010.  So my two jobs are going to be in healing.  One is Massage, and the other will be intuitive.

It’s calling.  It’s a calling I first heard in 1995.  It’s a calling that I dabbled in from then till 2003, when I moved to Minnesota.  It’s a calling I met in the Yule Fest in the Winter of 2004.  It’s a calling I answer taking pictures and doing art.  It’s a calling that I answered with my Reiki Certification.  It’s a calling that I answered again when I returned to College and earned my Associates Degree in Massage Therapy.  It’s a calling I’ll continue to answer as I step ever forward.  It’s a calling that I will continue to answer right up to the point I begin teaching it, and further.  I might write a book.

My lessons are my lessons.  My path is my path.  It may not be your path, they may not be your lessons, but they are what they are.

And the road goes ever on, it forks, it winds, it goes over bridges and valleys, it goes ever on, regardless of our choice to walk it or not.

Taking a Break-ish

I plan on changing my internet plan and company soon.  But in the meantime any posts will come from my phone.

I’ll be switching from xfinity/comcast to US Internet Fiber.  Frankly it’s a more affordable cost, as well as differing speeds, at a more affordable cost.  So yeah.  I may be a little spotty in the coming couple weeks, but I’m not gone.  I just have a bit less internet access.


Where do you brainstorm?  Is it an conscious act, or does it come on when you can’t run away from your mind?  My best brainstorming moments are when I’m doing mundane things or doing a massage.  Where my mind is calm, and ideas are a plenty.

In regards with my reading last Saturday, I’ve been reading Gifted by Lisa Andres, and some of what I’ve been reading has really clicked, either with my experience, or my experience with D.  How the Universe keeps trying to guide, poke, prod, and push us into the path we are meant to go, to the calling we are meant to answer, to the journey that we are meant to travel.  We all have free will, and we have the choice to do or not do, but the Universe and Guides have a tendency to remind us what we are truly meant to do.

I was walking my nephew yesterday, and I was in the nice mind space where things make connections and you can talk or gain the answers that you are seeking.  With D her guides worked within her boundaries, so certain answers would be within the boundaries she is comfortable with.  In reading Opening to Channel, there is an entry that says that if an individual truly believes that change can only happen through pain, loss, and death, then they (you guides and angels) will let you go in that direction.  You have free will, and they will not change that, they may let you know that it doesn’t have to be that way.  But when you go see another intuitive or medium, their boundaries may not be the same as your boundaries.  So the answers that come out of that meeting may not be the answers you are comfortable with, or they may be exactly what you are looking for.  Which is what I believe happened with D. It’s a learning experience either way.

While I was working on Monday, doing a massage, an idea popped into my head in regards with what was discussed on Saturday.  Guided Meditations. I can do Guided Meditations as well as readings and energy healing.  I can especially do those on Skype or You Tube.  With D,  I would ask what she wanted to see in her meditation, what time of day?  What Season? where? the ambiance of the environment?  Chairs, table, how many? Trees? Who did she want present? etc.  Then I would guide her there through relaxation and into the scene she had designed.  Then allowed her to do what she needed to do in that meditation. Which usually took about 30+ minutes.  It’s one of the things I find annoying about some guided meditations, is that they go through the meditation so fast it doesn’t let your mind go through the motions it needs to.  You can turn it off, but then you need to turn it on.  What ever works I suppose.

When I go in the direction of readings, though, I think I’ll keep it separate from my Massage practice for the time being or indefinitely. However when you really think about it and flow, there is a lot of overlap in both practices.

New Places, New Things, New Adventures, and Possible opportunities: 07/19-20/2015

So Yesterday was an Awesome Beautiful Day!  It wasn’t too hot, we had an awesome cool wind, and public transportation was working.

I decided yesterday I was going to the Highland Fest in St. Paul.  My main goal was to check out the Tent Sale at Half Price books.  Then I walked around and saw a lot of cool art and products.  I got a couple quickie free massages, and I opted out of a third.  If I’m going to have a quickie massage, I would prefer you work on a problem, then just a back massage.  Don’t get me wrong, back massages are awesome, but there are more appendages to the body.

I went into three new stores yesterday, I didn’t buy anything (yay! me), but I did go into 3 new stores that I’ve been looking at, and going, maybe.  One was a local store, that had a nakid Gnome in it.


The second store was a local bookstore, that has books that you wouldn’t normally find in the mainstream stores, which kinda cool, I’m going back when I have a bit more time.  The third one was the spice shop, and again when I have a bit more time, I’ll check it out more, but I did like the what I saw.

As yesterday was ice cream day, Ann and I went to Izzies and had some Ice Cream.  It was really good.

I talked with a massage therapist, that may be interested in trading.  That would be awesome.  It would be awesome to have a regular trade going for massage.  Really AWESOME!

Metro Transit was awesome.  One bus got us all the way to the the side of the river the Fest was on.  The coming back took a bit more trips, but again it was an awesome day.

I also had the opportunity to ride a bike. Rented for 24 hours for $6, got home. It was nice. I should ride more often.

Readings, Wonderfuls, and Gratefuls: 07/18/2015

Lots has been going on.

I cleaned my credit up some time ago, but as finances became tight around the end of the year, I was forced to make some decisions on where my money was going.   Now some things are coming to a head, and I need to decide where I want it to go. I’d like to settle more than just let it go (and that is also the message that comes through), but I also realize that I may need to just let it go for most of it.  I’m a bit lost on how to deal with it.

So today, after work, which I got out early from, because hey why not, the day was young, and there was things to do.   I decided I was going to the Aurapalooza.   I wasn’t sure quite what I was going to do, but I knew that I owed at least one person money there, so I made a payment to her, now I only owe her $10.  I was kinda hoping, kinda not hoping that D would or wouldn’t be there, which she wasn’t.  But I also needed some insight. So I stood in the middle of the room, and asked myself which person, direction. and then asked yes/no questions till a met with Lisa Andres.  $40/15min.  She said I need to think outside the box, and to stop thinking about how the hell I was going to do things, and just jump in.  Or make that decision to go in what direction.  She’s also the 4th person that has told me that I need to start doing psychic readings, or at least the 4th time some one has said, “you need to do this”.

As I type this up, the room’s lights have flickered and become very bright.  Which I’m taking as a message, that yes…THIS.  Which it is.

It’s difficult, it’s putting myself out there, front and center.  But Lisa was like, “think outside the box”, “start small”, “learn”, “charge” (meaning charge for my readings).  Which was something was said about how much I was originally charging to do massage.  I used to do massage at fest for free, just hands, arms, and necks. But now, I trade or get paid for just what I do.  And for some I still do the hand, arm, and necks for free.  Maybe I should have a family rate, just for my family (random thought).  I know that I’m a medium, I learned that with D.  I know that my readings are accurate, though through the break up with D, it’s made me doubt myself a little.  Because of how she ended it, and what she said.  But everything I’m getting in my circles are saying it’s okay, and I can go forward. Will that doubt disappear?  Yes, after a couple readings.

I was talking to A, and describing what was going on, he asked me why didn’t I do just that?  And I was silent. The only person stopping me is me.

I keep thinking that I need to read things, educate myself, but Margaret (teacher) said that I am ready, Lisa has stated I was ready,  D even said I was ready (until the end of our relationship).

I am worth it.

I am grateful for my visit with Lisa.  I’m grateful for the advice, the book, and the book recommendation.

I had a wonderful day at work, if a bit odd, Brain, my dear brain was some what missing.  But that’s kinda related to another topic entirely.

So yeah.  Life.