What’s been going on in the Life of the Wandering Healer?


I do little wonderful things everyday.  From smiling at random people, and having them smile back.

To going to work, and having the opportunity to pick up hours at the work while my sister didn’t need me for the blueberry.

To having clients get off the table and go “wow, that’s never happened before.” or “I have better range of motion then ever after a massage”, to “that hit the right spot”, to “I don’t want to get up”, to “can a sleep here?”  Those are awesome, and right up there when people start snoring.

Something Terribly wonderful happened recently.  My apartment has bedbugs in the bedrooms.  Which my roommate is a little freaked and overthinking things, and I’m all “okay, we have bedbugs, now what to do”.  The landlord has an exterminator coming in tomorrow to look at the place, and pre-treat.  We can ask questions.  Well, I’ll be asking the questions, and my roommate will be working.  Then I’ll be off to work.  I know that they are planing on cooking the apartment for 4 hours at 140 degrees F.  Though I’m not sure when that is to take place.

I’m looking at this as an opportunity to again downsize.  I’ve been downsizing for years, and I have been wanting to downsize the bed for years.  But kept listening to everyone else telling to stay large (full/queen), but honestly I want the room to enjoy my room.  The room and sight of my room.  I would like it to be a sanctuary from the world, not just an area where I sleep.

My sister’s hubby has a job again, and we will get back in the groove of babysitting blueberry.  It doesn’t mean that I have to stop picking up hours, but it does mean I won’t be able to pick up as much as I would like.   It has been fun though, and rewarding.

Though if I can ride the bus to work to Eagan, I should be able to ride the bus to the Blueberry, and only take Car2Go on days where there is something going on in the evening after babysitting.  It’ll save a little time and money, well definitely money.

I can see the momentum of the the affirmations (seeds) planted.  I can feel it building, but sometimes there’s is speed bumps.  Speed bumps are just that bumps or wrinkles in the plan or the road.  They don’t mean stop, they may mean slow down and enjoy the ride.  Don’t go so fast that you can’t see the forest for the trees, especially while driving through the forest.  The destination will be there when you get there, it the journey that makes it worth it.

It’s all about the perspective.  You can look up in the sky and see a cloud.  Or you can look up in the sky and see cities, dragons, boats sailing on by, it’s all about the perspective and imagination.


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