Where do you brainstorm?  Is it an conscious act, or does it come on when you can’t run away from your mind?  My best brainstorming moments are when I’m doing mundane things or doing a massage.  Where my mind is calm, and ideas are a plenty.

In regards with my reading last Saturday, I’ve been reading Gifted by Lisa Andres, and some of what I’ve been reading has really clicked, either with my experience, or my experience with D.  How the Universe keeps trying to guide, poke, prod, and push us into the path we are meant to go, to the calling we are meant to answer, to the journey that we are meant to travel.  We all have free will, and we have the choice to do or not do, but the Universe and Guides have a tendency to remind us what we are truly meant to do.

I was walking my nephew yesterday, and I was in the nice mind space where things make connections and you can talk or gain the answers that you are seeking.  With D her guides worked within her boundaries, so certain answers would be within the boundaries she is comfortable with.  In reading Opening to Channel, there is an entry that says that if an individual truly believes that change can only happen through pain, loss, and death, then they (you guides and angels) will let you go in that direction.  You have free will, and they will not change that, they may let you know that it doesn’t have to be that way.  But when you go see another intuitive or medium, their boundaries may not be the same as your boundaries.  So the answers that come out of that meeting may not be the answers you are comfortable with, or they may be exactly what you are looking for.  Which is what I believe happened with D. It’s a learning experience either way.

While I was working on Monday, doing a massage, an idea popped into my head in regards with what was discussed on Saturday.  Guided Meditations. I can do Guided Meditations as well as readings and energy healing.  I can especially do those on Skype or You Tube.  With D,  I would ask what she wanted to see in her meditation, what time of day?  What Season? where? the ambiance of the environment?  Chairs, table, how many? Trees? Who did she want present? etc.  Then I would guide her there through relaxation and into the scene she had designed.  Then allowed her to do what she needed to do in that meditation. Which usually took about 30+ minutes.  It’s one of the things I find annoying about some guided meditations, is that they go through the meditation so fast it doesn’t let your mind go through the motions it needs to.  You can turn it off, but then you need to turn it on.  What ever works I suppose.

When I go in the direction of readings, though, I think I’ll keep it separate from my Massage practice for the time being or indefinitely. However when you really think about it and flow, there is a lot of overlap in both practices.


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