A Celebration of Life

Yesterday we buried my Aunt Julie.  My father’s younger oldest sister with ‘tude.

Yesterday was a day of family and friends coming together to say farewell to a member of our family.  I say farewell, because we will see each other again, she will be around a lot, she will visit her family, but now she isn’t in pain and she doesn’t have to fight to live, now she lives forever in all of us.  We may look at a picture and she’ll be there, we may find a gem (a memory, a pin, or some object) and she’ll be there, we don’t have to pick up the phone, or go on facebook, we can talk to her and she’ll be there, though the response may be different, she’ll still be there.

I can honestly say today, that I don’t want to people today.  But the wheel turns ever on. 

Julie’s family held a Celebration of her life Last night, which I’m sure was an awesome event to behold.  I wasn’t able to attend, and it hurt that I wasn’t able to participate with the family.  I may not agree with some of the family politics but we ARE all FAMILY.

I wasn’t there to support my family, and be part of the family and see the home that was Julie’s, though I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend time with family.

I can honestly say I haven’t been this emotional about death in my recollection.  I know it’s a sign of healing, and I welcome it.

So Fare the well Aunt Julie, till we meet again. I love you.



This Morning

…Heaven gained another spit-fire Angel.

My Aunt Julie passed away at 5 am from cancer.  She was 58 years young.  She lived her life the way she chose, and damned if you disagreed.

Today I and my siblings and cousins lost an Aunt.

Today Julie’s kiddos lost a Mother.
Today Julie’s hubby lost his wife.
Today my father and his siblings lost a sister.

She joins my Mother’s brother Allen, my Mother’s Father Dale, my Father’s parents Catherine and Eldon, and my Father’s brother Dennis.

She leaves behind a clan of kiddos and  grand kiddos, a hubby and extended family.

She lived her life the way she wanted, and cancer didn’t change that.

Today my Aunt passed away in her sleep.

Julie swinging on a swing. Surrounded by her siblings, including Dennis.


Revelations on reading books.

I have completed ‘Gifted’ by Lisa Andres today.  While most of the book didn’t have anything I haven’t heard of, it was very informative in some aspects of mediumship, and clarifying in others.  

There are some aspects I don’t agree with, but those are more because of what I’ve learned in my life before reading this book.

Last night I did a little meditation on who was on my spiritual team, and had some affirmed answers.  While I would love to share what and who, I’ve been told that I should ‘shhhh’ on certain counts. So I’ll keep the names and who’s pay of my team out. I have at least one God, and several Goddess part of my team or passing through.  I also have a couple Shamans, ancestors, Archangels, and several animal guides.  Some clear names came up, and some that were ‘not at this time’.

I also did a reading on myself, or more clearly asked my guides some questions. I have an Aunt that has terminal breast cancer, that is close to her time of passing.  If you are so inclined and soul is accepting done healing energy would be welcome.  Yesterday there was a lot of soul talking there.

While reading ‘Gifted’, in one of the chapters it brought up sparks, and in reading it, realizing it’s another way the Divine and the Arch Angels show that they are around.  I’ve been seeing sparks more often.  Usually in low light, but they weren’t the spark of static.  I accept them.  It’s really comforting and cool really.

Another aspect of asking Arch Angel Michael for protection is relationships.  In the chapter she explains don’t be surprised if you see long time, or good relationships leave.  When I read this I thought of D, and it affirmed that we were not in each other’s highest good at the point she left.  And they told me the reasons for removing that relationship.  It was really affirming.

Another book I have is ‘Magic of Isis’ by Alana Fairchild.  I have to say it’s a condensed version of what’s in the ‘Isis Oracle’ by the same author.  It has several prayer or incantations for certain situations.  One that I’ve done recently is calling my power back.  THAT HAS helped greatly.  Especially with D, after I did that it’s been very smooth sailing.  I didn’t do just a general one, I went through names of people I felt may still have some of my power and called it back.

If anything get it for the artwork or the deck same reason. 

I am grateful for my team
I am grateful for the storms
I am grateful for my job
I am grateful for my family and friends

Good night and good luck this week!

The Wheel turns always!

Psychics, Healers, Mediums

When I first started trading with D, the arrangement was a psychic reading for massage, because I am a massage therapist and I was interested in having psychic readings.  Being able to look at the picture in a different way.  I thought and I think she thought as well that this would be a wonderful opportunity.   So it went.

Yesterday I was reading ‘Gifted’ by Lisa Andres, and some of what I was reading Echoes to ‘opening a channel’.  Reading these books has helped me understand what happened with D, and it’s helping tremendously going forward.  Its helped me tremendously to work through the fear and doubt that happened after the break up with D.

Sometimes I fear that I’m not on the correct path, and then I meet people that show that I’m not only on correct path but I’m doing what I’m meant to be.  Or that I’m on the path to be what I am meant to be. 

I don’t recall anything as a child that spoke to me that I was psychic other than doing massage. I do remember a moment sitting with my best friend Mara and picking up rocks and saying this is a spirit animal (and which one).  I think that was in kindergarten or first grade in Dugway, Utah.  I remember being at home in nature and, I don’t remember fearing nature Herself.  I remember being played with by Faeries in Germany, losing my way, and hearing my family call for me, but being unable to find them.  I don’t remember fearing the Fae after that experience.  There was a fear but it wasn’t related That, it was related to the aftermath.

As I’m sitting here doing this blog, my paternal grandmother came to visit, and to say hi, and that everything was okay.

My little kitty just sat up and looked up at the wall and I asked who was there and that was the impression I got back.

When D and I had my first experience of being a medium, a psychic intuitive healer, I was like nah.  But I don’t recall FEARING it.  I didn’t doubt this gift for these gifts until the break up with D.  What she said, texted, or typed was very hurtful for me.  It caused me to doubt myself, to doubt my gifts, to doubt the people that were in my life. 

I wonder sometimes why my experiences are different from those who are around me.  I read these authors who have all sorts of Psychic experiences as far back as when they were young children. My roommate has had psychic experiences as far back as when she was a child.  D has psychic experiences as far back as she was a child.  And I wonder why I don’t remember anything, but I believe that there were instances other than what I remember as a Child. 

We are all coming to our own on our own paths.  Our paths are varied some are gnarly, some are straight, some are mixed, some are calm, some are stormy, some are painful, some are painless, some are both,  but not all, or individually the same.

Our lessons and our journeys have shaped us to what we today.  My journey my path isn’t D’s, isn’t my roommates, it is mine, my own.  How I see the world is different.  How I see my gifts is also different.  The past that I meant to walk is different.

There are things that I need to talk Out, In order to let D go.

I’d like to start working with other people on the side so that my experiences as a psychic intuitive have a more diverse canvas.  My psychic intuitiveness came consciously online while I was doing trades with D, and I would like a more diverse canvas so I can learn certain lessons that I need to learn.  Whether it’s doing fairs, or getting together with friends, is the question.


One of the lessons I think the bed bugs were teaching was LET GO. 

There are some things I still need to do that with, but when it comes down to material things, except my books (seriously, can’t get rid of those yet), I can purge.  It wasn’t always this way.  My mother had to pry things from my gripped hands or trade it from me. 

What happened? I moved.  I moved several times.  I got tired of hauling it.  So what wasn’t unpacked got donated, given away, or tossed.  It’s taken a Good 8+ years to get to the spot I’m now.  And I know more needs to be done. Not just the outer, but in inner. 

This was my room before bed bug treatment (everything is taken apart).


This is my room after. 


I purged all, ALL of my furniture.  Now I have space, but I feel exposed.   I find myself thinking of what could I bring in to fill the space, and then stop, and remind myself why I purged.  

I needed to go smaller, better use of my space.  So now is what is fuctional and brings better quality to my space? 

I have a twin bed, and a tv table now.  I need ONE other thing (drawers) and furniture wise, my space is done.

I love the space now. Though it’s much easier to keep clean, and less areas for clutter to build.