Something Wonderful and Something Grateful: 10/23/2015

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you are having a blessed day!

Please send some good awesome thoughts to those that aren’t, to those in the path of Patricia, to those who are down.  Because today may not have been awesome for them, today may have been a “no people day, please.”

Remember that you are Blessed!  Remember that you are Cherished!  Remember that you are Protected!  Remember that you are Holy!  Remember that you are Safe!  and YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!

Today in Minneapolis was a wonderful rainy day.   It was nice and relaxing.   It was a truly wonderful day.

What happened today that I’m grateful for:

  • My sister’s FB post: “My child just sang the star wars theme song all the way through dinner.  Send Help!”  My nephew is 2.5 yrs old.

Photograph Taken: 10/22/2015 at Victory Memorial Parkway in Minneapolis, MN

  • My little cat Mischief, as she attempts to keep her comfy spot on the bed.
  • Flannel Sheets. OMG! You have no idea, flannel sheets, my first set of flannel sheets for my twin sized bed. AWESOME!
  • My clients are wonderful.  They are such a joy to serve, help, and talk with.
  • My Friends.  I went out tonight for a weekly Gelato Trip, with a side of dinner at Bubba Gump’s.  It was an awesome dinner, and our waiter was really good.
  • All the new stores opening, tempting new stores.  RUNAWAY! RUNAWAY!
  • Car2Go.  It may be expensive, but it pays to not have to ride the bus in the rain sometimes, as well as stand in the rain.
  • Water spray bottle.  For when the cats are being precocious.  Yes I know a few big words.
  • I’m Grateful to see the metro police do a pop up and check bus passes.  I had wondered if they did that.
  • And Azhari for giving my roommate and I a ride home from MOA this evening.

I hope everyone is okay, and remember that you ARE loved, cherished, blessed, safe, holy, and protected.

Peace be with you.

Amen and Nameste.


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