Something Wonderful and Grateful: 10/24/2015

Today started at o’dark thirty in the morning.  One more weekend and it’s the end of daylight savings time for another year.  That and Halloween.  I’m thinking of wearing horns for Halloween, to work, it’d be fun, now that I have the hair to support such an endeavor.

This morning, my roommate and I rode the bus together to work.  It was a wonderful experience, that and getting to work and being booked. Woohoo!

What am I grateful for today?

  1. My roommate, it’s nice to have company when riding the bus in the morning.
  2. Work, it’s real nice to be booked for most of the day.
  3. Family, it’s nice to see updates from the family on various sites.
  4. Followers, I really enjoy it when others appreciate my work.
  5. Network, I really enjoy others also enjoying my work enough to be willing to see me out of work, and to trade.
  6. My Flannel Sheets, warm…
  7. Libby, brings donuts for us therapists.  Stuffed are the best.
  8. Change, can never have enough quarters, especially when the laundry machines run on them.
  9. My clients, they are some cool people.
  10. Metro Transit, though it takes some time, it’s nice to be able to have a way to work even though it takes some time.

Photograph Taken: 10/17/2010
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum


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