Fighting the Change, to Remain the Same

If there is one thing that Humans have issues with, it’s change. Whether it’s a change in jobs, political structure, government, environment, family, friends, home, etc.  We have issues when it comes to change.  We stand there floundering, wondering what we are going to do now.  We fight with every fiber to keep things as they are, never realizing that it’s about change.  It’s about adapting to change.  It’s about the learning.  We are here to learn.  We forget that as we grow “up”.  We are here to learn.

When someone gets laid off, it’s a freak out, a surprise, an inconvenience, as there are bills to pay, there are places to be, and there is SO MUCH to do.  We fill our days with the things to do, that make us, or ALLOW us to forget the center, the heart, the spirit, the home of why we are here.  We will fill the day with sports, work, school, shopping, the next big thing, forgetting the family, the love, the nature of the surroundings.

We seek familiar surroundings, because we generally view that as “safe”.  Safety in numbers, they say, or safety in solitude.  We look at those who are different, with hostility.  Even the most open minded individual, can be close minded to those individuals or events that are different, that bring the change that we are meant to learn from.  We seek to control that which is uncontrollable.  Living life isn’t about staying in the stasis of safety, it’s about learning new things, meeting new people, accomplishing different things, learning the center.

We want to change the World, but we don’t want to change the environment.  Yet to change the World, you have to change your environment.  You have to be able to change YOUR world to change THE world.  That can’t happen if we are too fearful to change or stubborn.

I did both today.  I got up today, got dressed, finished my curtains, did some brunch, and then cleaned.  I also sent out some emails, texts, and messages on new available times for my business.   If I want to change my circumstance, then I have to change MY World, so I can then change the World around me.  Some of the things I did today was about changing MY World, so I can change the World AROUND me.

Now I’m going out for some Gelato!

Don’t Forget to enjoy the small moments.  Sometimes, that’s all we have.



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