Oracle Card: Hathor (Contentment): 02/29/2016

So today is the “extra” day of the year.  Wouldn’t be interesting if all of those who were born on this day, only aged a year for each leap year?  It might have been interesting.   I am currently watching my kitten, who has an apple lable on her chin.  It’s kind of amusing.

Instead of striving for the next goal, wondering about the future, worrying about the past, future, money, family, etc.  For today be content with what you have.  Be content for a moment, and take the breath.   Just enjoy and be content with this “extra” day.  Do something fun, relaxing, mundane, but be content with what you have.

To be honest this was not what I was thinking about this morning, but it’s what came up.

Today’s Draw was:


Goddesses and Sirens
By Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Hathor (Contentment): Celebrate in Joyful Peace. Be contented with what you have. Dance, sing, love, and create without anxiety. It is time to rest and to cease driving forward for a time.

So for the day, be content with the moment. Go out with friends, read a book, be content without anxiety.

I hope everybody enjoys the New and “extra” day.

Happy Monday,  Good Luck, and Divine Bless.


I Am Grateful and Something Wonderful 2.28.2016

I am grateful for lazy Sundays. I am grateful for kitten cuddles. I am grateful for opportunities to relax. I am grateful for Amazon Prime. I am grateful for the changes of seasons. I am grateful for the beauty of snow. I am grateful for lazy afternoons. I am grateful for personal challenges. I am grateful for beautiful eyes.

  it awesome relaxing wonderful Sunday.

I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 02/27/2016

Today was an Awesome Day.  I got to open windows.  I got to see the Sun.  I got to smell the Earth.  It was truly an Awesome Day.

I am grateful for this Awesome Day.  I am grateful for all my clients that came in on such an Awesome Day. I am grateful to get most of all the sheets done at work today.  I am grateful for happy kittens.  I am grateful for the nice evening mini walk.  I am grateful for the beautiful sunset.  I am grateful for all the people that got out to experience the day.  I am grateful for cheese.  I am grateful for veggies (especially snap peas, yum!)

Thank for Such an Wonderfully Awesome Sunset.


Sunset over Lake Harriet. Taken for the Hill in Lyndale Park on 02/27/2016.


Happy Kittens from this Morning!

G’Night All!





Oracle Card: Wings of Isis (United with the Angelic Self): 02/27-28/2016

Good Afternoon, World!  How is the day going so far?  Here in Minneapolis we are experiencing a Wonderful Spring Day during winter, with a high around 60 degrees F.  What’s a person to do, but open a couple windows, and let the cats hang out.

This morning I drew


Wings of Isis (United with the Angelic Self)
Isis Oracle
by Alana Fairchild and Jimmy Manton

Wings of Isis (United with the Angelic Self): You have a special spiritual relationship with the angelic worlds. Part of your Soul purpose is to birth angelic consciousness and values such as fearlessness, compassion, and service, into human culture. This Oracle brings you angelic assistance and intervention, and confirmation that any impressions you may have had that you belong not only to the human kingdom but also the angelic one, are correct.

One of the reasons I do the Isis card on the Weekends, is because the deck itself comes across pretty powerful.  Alana Fairchild also did a book for this deck that just has the incantations for a select amount of cards from this deck, that are also pretty powerful.  She’s also done some meditations that are available that are pretty powerful depending on what you are looking to accomplish.

So, What does this card mean for you?

For me, this is a confirmation, as I already work with the Angels and Archangels during my healings.  I may also ask for not only guidance, but protection.  But it’s nice to see such beautiful card come up on a beautiful weekend.

It’s also a confirmation of the feelings and knowledge that I look out into the World with.  Sometime I look at certain people, and wonder why they can’t see it.

I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 02/26/2016

I am grateful for playing kitties.  I am grateful for natural springs.  I am grateful for Amazon Prime (watching Falling Skies, and listening to loud music).  I am grateful for the mild winter.  I am grateful for the sun.  I am grateful for the nature around me.  I am grateful for my roommate letting me use her car.  I am grateful for good music.   I am grateful for car2go.  I am grateful flannel sheets.

I had some really good macaroons today.  Courtesy of a friend of mine.  I’d been seeing them through her FB posts.  They are delicious. Yum!

I will leave you with a picture of the wonderful sweetness.


G’Night World!


Oracle Card: Ah Puch (Fear): 02/26/2016

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn this card.  I think the only time I drew it, was when I first got this deck, and started doing readings from it last year.

Fear.  There are many reasons that Fear is present.  Fear for our lives.  Fear for our loved ones.  Some fear their loved ones.  Some fear change.  Some fear the future.  Some fear the past.  Some fear the choices they need to make.  Some fear the government.  There are a lot of things that we can fear.

Sometimes people get so caught up in their fear that they refuse to do anything, for the fear of what may or may not happen.  They get so anxious about the possible outcome that they fear what it might be.  It might be a phone call, a talk, an interview, a simple outing.  They get so anxious about it, that they don’t do anything.

Today I drew:


Ah Puch (Fear)
Gods and Titans
by Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Ah Puch (Fear): Examine your fears; What is there to be afraid of? You are being asked to confront what frightens you.

So what do you fear? What frightens you the most? What can you do to work through it?

I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 02/25/2016

I am grateful for my clients.  I am grateful for my work.  I am grateful for my friends.  I am grateful for my family.  I am grateful for sleeping in.  I am grateful for good “guilty” food.  I am grateful for Mischief.  I am grateful for emotional stories.  I am grateful for me.  I am grateful for today.

This morning I got to sleep, which was wonderful.  What was more wonderful was seeing a couple return clients from their trips abroad.