Facebook is a reflection…

Of you.

It’s interesting really.  That Facebook could indeed be a reflection of you, or one of them.  Your thoughts, dreams, agitations, fears, love, gratitude, etc.  We fill our feeds with so much stuff.  Stuff that touches us, stuff that speaks to us, stuff that is on the news, stuff that is about things that we are passionate about.

People tend to vent, shout, be mean, bully, be fearful, share news, etc.

People share news, politics, environment, views, happiness, sorrow, love, hate, fear, courage, affirmations, doubt, etc.

But we make a choice on what we share.  What we like. What we post.  What you post, like, and or share, will let Facebook, then share other things on your feed that are similar to what you have shown interest in.  So then your feed fills up with the stuff you spend the most time doing one or all of the three doing.

It’s easier to let the anger and frustration out online, because you don’t have to see what it does when you do it, but it tends to reflect back at you in some way, with more of what is agitating you to begin with.  You have shown interest in it.

I have a couple people that get agitated with what I post on my Facebook.  What do I post that agitates them the most?  Positive Affirmations, Sayings, Poems, Stories.  Stories that touch the heart and soul.  Stories that say hello to our hearts.  They find the positive vibes unnerving.  Which kind of shocked me, but really we all operate on different vibes, some higher, some lower.

Sometimes we catch each other in our separate directions, and hold, only to continue in the directions we were going.  Some back into their comfort bubble, some to challenge and pop their bubble.  But again, it’s what you are reflecting that comes back.

It’s interesting the similarities you see in the oddest places.


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