Starting Fresh

So apparently we’re supposed to start fresh. Go figure.

Each day is a new day. Each day is a blessing and a miracle. Yet we get up each day and remember the old day, the day that has pasted, the old hurts, the old regrets, and the old experiences. We don’t forget and rarely forgive. We don’t forgive ourselves more than we don’t forgive others. We remember always and rarely forget.

Maybe THAT IS the problem. Maybe if we start the day with the “I intend to have an awesome day” or “It’s an awesome day” instead of the “I don wanna (remembering what we have to do, what we have done, what is going on, and think think think).”

This is a new year, not the old one. This is the new day, not the old one. You are awake, you are moving, you are experiencing something new. You are both the blessing and the miracle to ourselves and the environment around us.

It’s up to you. You can remember the old hurt, or you can let it go, with an I love you…which could mean I forgive you.

Your life is a story, with many volumes and chapters, don’t get stuck on one page, forever remembering why, continue writing and experiencing your story. Each Volume, Each Chapter, Each Paragraph, Each Sentence, Each word is new. It can say the same thing, or it can say something wonderfully different.


Would you rather hide away,
all day,
Or mold the new day,
like clay?


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