Oracle Card: Hera: Commitment: 02/16/2016


What do you think about when commitment comes up?  Are there relationships, jobs, careers, promises, dates, money, etc that you think about or are thinking about?  Are you reconsidering certain commitments?  Are the benefits of a certain commitments beneficial to you?   If your commitments are not working out, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate them.

Hera: Commitment
Goddesses and Sirens
By Stacey DeMarco & Jimmy Manton

Commitments may not mean what you think they mean.  It could be friend, that you need to reevaluate boundaries with, or a significant other.  It could be your job, that you need to reevaluate the benefits of, or a doctor, or a purchase, or a contract, etc.  It could be any commitment that you have made or are considering making.

Hera: Commitment: A relationship of some kind is spotlighted.  Re-examine your loyalties or commitments, and see if they are still warranted.  Petty jealousies must be put aside for the greater good.

Are your commitments balanced?  Are they stacked for, against, or equally for you?  Keeping in mind Jizo (Support) on Sunday, and Maat (Justice) on Monday, both were about balance in some way.   Make sure what ever commitment is in play or about to be in play is balanced and healthy for the greater good of all.


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