Oracle Card: Hypnos: Sleep: 02/17/2016

When I woke up this morning, all I wanted to do is curl up and go back to bed.  There are warm Flannel sheets, and the sun wasn’t even up yet, but alas I needed to get to work.

We need rest, full sleep, or as much sleep that the body, spirit, or mind allow. When you sleep you digest the day in more ways then just thought. Your dreams offer guidance, if you listen. Your body rests and digests food. Your spirit may wander. Sleep is very important in the balance of life.

When we don’t sleep as much as we need, it can cause problems with learning, reacting, focus, effect your health, your problem solving skills, you may be crabby, have problems being present, etc. Sleep is more important then you might think. There is a good reason that when studying you should have a good nights sleep the night before, instead of a night of studying. It helps your mind and body be prepared for the day ahead, as well as help your mind digest the information you’re uploading into it.

This morning we have Hypnos (Sleep)

Hypnos: Sleep
Gods and Titans Oracle
By Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Hypnos: Sleep: Being aware and spiritually awake is vital to developing our highest potential. Allowing full rest is vital to self care.

Notice that this week has been very heavy with Balancing. Not only our actions, but our Self Care. Self Care is not something that is really taught in this day and age. We are always going, and rarely staying.

Take a moment, have a nap, breathe, center. Then continue with the day. It doesn’t cost you anything outside of TIME, but it can provide more benefits, than it may cost.

My Day is Done.
My Night has Come.
Today is Gone.
I embrace my Dreams through the Night.
Tomorrow comes with a whole new Light.


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