Oracle Card: Apollo: Inquiry: 02/22/2016

Good Morning!  It’s a Beautiful Day in Minnesota!  The Sun is shining, it’s not subzero, and we are awake.  It’s Monday!  The first day of many things: the work week, the week, the Full Moon in Virgo, a new opportunity, etc, It’s a NEW DAY!

This morning’s Draw is Apollo.


Gods and Titans Oracle Deck
By Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Apollo: Inquiry: Look for the truth in the situation. Ask, and your questions will be answered. Take the time to uncover and connect with you really are and what you really want. Use your inner Wisdom.

The vision board class yesterday revealed some truths, different insights, positive affirmations, welcome news, and probably something that was unique to each of us that took the class.

I knew that the class would be different from any other I had taken. Once I knew my roommate wasn’t coming to the class, I put the word out for others that may have been interested in the class, and on Saturday I got a client, that really wanted to take it. Then on Sunday, her daughter also wanted to come, as well. And we had our class, and we were on our way. Every thing happens in it’s own time. Sometimes knowing is unexpected, but it’s another muscle that must be practiced.

Take the information that you have learned, and move forward.  Learn and ask questions, and don’t be afraid of the answers.


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