Oracle Card: Sirens: Temptation: 02/23/2016

Today some caution…

Do you have any Temptations going on?  Is there something that you REALLY REALLY want, but you shouldn’t, or is it something that you SHOULD have, and you are getting a bit distracted from the goal?

Be very careful of what you are asking for, you just might get it, and it might be EXACTLY want you were looking for, but again, it may be EXACTLY what you are NOT looking for.  Be aware that your words and thoughts have power.  What you put out into ‘Verse, will come back, and it may be exactly or not what you were asking for.

Or is there a larger goal in progress, and your getting distracted by something small?

This morning’s draw was:


Sirens: Temptation
Goddesses and Sirens Oracle Deck
by Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Sirens: Temptation: You may be tempted to stray from your goal or intention. You may receive an offer that is difficult to refuse.  Do not underestimate your ability to attract people to your cause.

As an example, as a Massage Therapist, sometimes I wonder, especially if I haven’t seen some one in awhile or have had a no show/call.  Was it something I did?  Then out of the blue I get two referrals from two different clients, and realize that, no, I’m doing good.

Try not to allow worry and doubt to move into your thoughts.  They both can detract you from your goal, and leave you wondering with “what if’s” all day.  Worry and Doubt can be like stones dropping in the free flowing water of a river, with each stone put into the water, the slower the water flows, the more the water has to move around stones.

One could also be very careful of whom you ask for assistance from.  Sometimes the price is a bit more than you are expecting, but the offer may sound as sweet as can be.


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