Oracle Card: Freya (Irresistibility): 02/25/2016

How is everybody’s day going so far?  Is it an Awesome Day?  Have you had some Wonderful Grateful Moments?  Are you looking for them?  Or are you sleepwalking?

We are not meant to hold the World on our shoulders, it’s not our responsibility.  It’s our responsibility to experience the World in all its chaos and life.  Do not burden yourself with things that you cannot control.  I see so many people who have shoulders pulled forward and down, necks tight as a stick, and backs forward, like they are carrying this large weight or trying to protect themselves from something.

You cannot see life from looking down.  You cannot see the trees, the sky, the clouds, the sunset, dawn, stars, the Moon, the Sun, the brilliant architecture of humans, the person holding the door for you, the car in front of you, if you are forever looking down.   You are meant to experience and learn in the Chaos of Life, not hide from the brilliance, but to experience it.

Today’s Draw was:


Goddesses and Sirens Oracle Deck
By Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Freya (Irresistibility): We are all irresistible in our own ways. Enjoyment is a natural part of life. Center yourself and be confident among the chaos.

As a Healer, I need to center myself before I begin.  Plant the Intents, leave the drama at the door, make sure my filters are on.  It’s no different for others in different professions or paths of life.    Try and take a moment before you begin your day.  Don’t think about what’s to come, breathe, plant your intents, and leave the drama at the door.   Enjoy the life that is the chaos, and repeat.  When you come home from a long day, breathe, leave work behind and enjoy the chaos that is the family life or the private life.

We forget sometimes that life isn’t about sleeping, working, and paying bills.  We forget that life is chaos, and sometimes all you have to do is let go, and experience the enjoyment that is life even when it’s crazy.

Experience and Enjoy your life, don’t just live it, because all of us are irresistible in our own ways.


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