Oracle Card: Wings of Isis (United with the Angelic Self): 02/27-28/2016

Good Afternoon, World!  How is the day going so far?  Here in Minneapolis we are experiencing a Wonderful Spring Day during winter, with a high around 60 degrees F.  What’s a person to do, but open a couple windows, and let the cats hang out.

This morning I drew


Wings of Isis (United with the Angelic Self)
Isis Oracle
by Alana Fairchild and Jimmy Manton

Wings of Isis (United with the Angelic Self): You have a special spiritual relationship with the angelic worlds. Part of your Soul purpose is to birth angelic consciousness and values such as fearlessness, compassion, and service, into human culture. This Oracle brings you angelic assistance and intervention, and confirmation that any impressions you may have had that you belong not only to the human kingdom but also the angelic one, are correct.

One of the reasons I do the Isis card on the Weekends, is because the deck itself comes across pretty powerful.  Alana Fairchild also did a book for this deck that just has the incantations for a select amount of cards from this deck, that are also pretty powerful.  She’s also done some meditations that are available that are pretty powerful depending on what you are looking to accomplish.

So, What does this card mean for you?

For me, this is a confirmation, as I already work with the Angels and Archangels during my healings.  I may also ask for not only guidance, but protection.  But it’s nice to see such beautiful card come up on a beautiful weekend.

It’s also a confirmation of the feelings and knowledge that I look out into the World with.  Sometime I look at certain people, and wonder why they can’t see it.


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