Oracle Card: Jade Emperor (Organization): 03/01/2016

The Card Drawn today:

20160301_072126-1.jpg Jade Emperor
Gods and Titans Oracle Deck
By Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Jade Emperor (Organization): Streamlining, Reordering, and De-cluttering will clear the way to a flow of natural, effortless action.

It may be time for some reordering, rearranging, and reorganization to be done some where in your life.   We fill our lives with a lot of stuff, in order to “better” lives.  But we rarely pay attention to ourselves.  We rarely pay attention to that voice, or that thought, or the signs that there may be something that needs changing.

I see people every day, that need more time to be with themselves.  To allow themselves to rest.  To allow themselves to learn.  To listen to their soul.  The are always on the move, either for themselves or others.  It might be time to think about that.  It may be time to think about you.  It may be time to think about something.

As the moon wanes down, as we head toward the first eclipse, it may be time to take stock.  What is useful for you, what no longer serves the purpose that you thought it might, who needs to be there, and who doesn’t need to be there?  What needs to be “de-cluttered”?  What needs to be reorganized?  Where are you going with that far off goal?  How do you plan on getting there?  What is the plan?  Are there things that can be streamlined?

It may be time to think about it.  Maybe…even act on it.


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