Oracle Card: Divine Destiny (Spiritual Work of the Higher Initiate): 03/05-06/2016

Good Evening Y’all!

It’s been an interesting week.

Hathor (Contentment) 02/29
Jade Emperor (Organization) 03/01
Aphrodite (Self Love) 03/02
Ra (Power) 03/03
Achilles (Confidence) 03/04

This weekend’s draw


Divine Destiny
Isis Oracle Deck
By Alana Fairchild and Jimmy Manton

Divine Destiny (Spiritual Work of the Higher Initiate): The Divine Warrior guides you to your Divine Destiny. The Divine Warrior energy exists within men and women as the inner propulsion to continue with a worthy path even during difficult times. When faced with a challenge, a true warrior will summon more of him or herself to the cause – it might be more wisdom, focus, intelligence, and surrender into the Divine. The Warrior within has great inner resourcefulness and determination. This part of you will lead you to spiritual success.

I don’t know what this card may mean to some one else reading this blog.  I don’t know what is going on your life right now.  I don’t know what turmoil you have going on, what doubts, struggles, fear, worry, etc is going on right now.  But take heart.  Look at what has come up this week, or even last week.  Look at what is going on around you.  Look at your own thoughts, your own dreams, your own World.  What is it in your World, Thoughts, and Dreams that shines like a beacon over a the ocean at night?

It could be a concept.  It could be an idea.  It could be a dream.  I could be a whisper on the wind.  It could be a spark of a fire.

Something is moving in the distance.  The distance may be time or it may be actual distance.  You can be content with things as they are, and still be ready for what is coming. You can organize your time and resources in anticipation of what is coming to be.   You can love yourself as you Are, even though you yourself are changing.  You can take back your personal Power.  You can practice belief and faith in yourself, and the confidence will follow.

What is your Divine Warrior trying to guide you to?


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