Oracle Card: Valkyries (Redemption): 03/07/2016

Good Afternoon!

This Morning’s Draw was


Goddesses and Sirens Oracle Deck
by Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Valkyries (Redemption): It’s never too late to Change. Regret is useless. Forgiveness may be necessary. Bravery is valuable.

Forgiveness. What some people do not realize is that forgiveness, isn’t just for others, it’s for ourselves as well. Just as Love is not just for others, but for ourselves as well. Are we getting the message?

The power of intent is a beautiful thing. One can see it in “The Secret Language of Water“. Words are power, words are intent, words are energy. Thoughts are energy. It’s never too late to change that energy.

I read “Dying to be Be” by Anita Moorjani. It was one of the books that came up while I was reading “Wishes Fulfilled” by Wayne Dyer. Both books are well worth the read, regardless your spiritual path. In “Dying to be Me” it tells the story of Anita’s journey through life, a terminal diagnosis, near death, and return. Where she learned the power of forgiveness, love, intent, manifestation. It’s a powerful lesson in the “it’s never too late to change”.

But do you have the ability to let go of that which does not serve you? Do you have the ability to forgive not only others, but yourself if needed? Do you have the drive then to change the circumstances of what is going on in the now, and manifest the dreams of your future, into the present? It’s up to you, because it’s you, who needs to live with the choices and actions done by you.


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