Oracle Card: Oya (Power): 03/08/2016

Before I start, I just wanted to say that it’s 67 degrees F in Minneapolis RIGHT NOW, on March 8th.  67 degrees?!

Okay.  That’s over…

This morning’s Draw was


Goddesses and Sirens Oracle
By Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Oya (Power): Change is Welcome. Allow the storm to pass, as it is necessary to clear the way. You are protected in your search for equality. Do not misuse your power.

When I first drew this card, the first thing that came into mind was your personal power.

Excerpt from Goddesses and Sirens: Oya is the wife of Shango, the storm God. Oya is a force of nature. She clears the way for new growth, destroys what is not needed, and is a rain maker, creating rivers and new paths forward. She does not bring change gently – she brings it with great power and action. Oya is particularly favorable to women who have need of protection and action, and she assists women in matters of equality with men. Her mysteries were traditionally passed from woman to woman, mother to daughter, so many of her rituals have been kept tightly. She is considered a goddess of magic, and her nine daughters help her cast change magic. She may come into your life when you most need change but are seemingly unable to invoke it yourself.

Change is coming. Taking into account that today is the New Moon, and an Eclipse to boot. Taking also into account that Spring starts this month. Daylight’s savings time starts this weekend in the US. Whether you are ready for change or not, it’s coming around the bend.

What do you plan on doing?


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