Oracle Card: Ganesha (Obstacles): 03/10/2016

Good Evening!  I meant to do this earlier, but my day kinda got away from me.

This morning’s Card was


Gods and Titans Oracle
By Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Ganesha (Obstacles): Obstacles are removed or placed for good reason. Invite in a drama free life.

Obstacles can be funny things. They can teach lessons. They can be the lessons. They can be milestones. They can be trials. They can be helpful. They can be hurtful. They can be speed bumps. They can be of our own making, or some one else’s. It all depends on your point of view.

Our own belief system can be obstacle. I our belief in our self worth can be an obstacle. Our belief in life can be an obstacle. Our doubt, fear, and worry can be an obstacle.

Sometimes the Universe, Divine or God puts obstacles in our paths to learn from.  Sometimes we listen, sometimes we run, and sometimes we take those lessons and bury them, deep.  The problem with ignoring an obstacle, or burying it deep, is that sometimes they can grow or multiply.  Because honestly, burying them into the Earth, is like planting a seed, do you really want to see what else is going to sprout, or would you rather deal with the obstacle you have?

When you bury something, an emotion, a belief, a fear, etc.  They can “fester”.  Issues in the tissues anyone?  Avoidance could manifest into knee pain (had that happen with a client).

So be careful with what you say, think, or bury…you may just get something you didn’t expect.

Two by Fours are kind of abrupt.

Side note: Leo King says, “It is always better to heal from facing the hard stuff than running away from it.”


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