Oracle Card: Set (Chaos): 03/11/2016

Good Evening Everybody!

This morning’s Draw was


Gods and Titans Oracle
By Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton

Set (Chaos): Trust that chaos is part of the process of change. Sometimes things need to fall apart to reform into your desires. Hold your intention.

Change is in the Wind. Ready or not it’s coming. Daylight savings begins in the US this weekend. Spring is next weekend. Last weekend of April is Easter. Boom…BOOm…BOOM!! Change is in the wind, either in seasons or life. We forget sometimes that we are children of this Earth too. Despite the boxes we build to keep us separate from nature, and us as “safe” as we think.

If we were meant to be completely safe, we would never grow. If we never grow, we never learn. If we do not learn, then we cannot advance. If we do not advance, we stay stagnant. If you do not try, you cannot succeed.

Life isn’t about stagnation, it’s about learning. Learning what works. Learning what doesn’t. Learning about love. Learning about you. But for any of that there is a little chaos of life. No matter how hard we may want to stuff it into a box and say “this is my world”, something or some one is going to push you outside of the comfort zone, wouldn’t you rather like the choice to do so, than the windstorm that comes around the bend?


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