Oracle Card: The Singer of Connections: 03/21/2016

Today’s Morning Draw was


The Singer of Connection
By Brian Froud
Faeries’ Oracle Deck

Singer of Connection: Spiritual Connection, Karma, Balance, Empathy; This singer supports all connections, the web of light between all beings, all particles, and between past, present, and future. It brings wholeness to apparent duality and combines all energies, uniting all that was, is, or could be. When we lose awareness of this connection in our lives, we feel isolated, lonely, bereft. Yet the energy is there. We only need to be open to it.

What connections are in your life? Connections don’t have to be people. Connections can be destinations, events, calls, appointments, pets, nature, home, work, and/or random people, close friends/family, co-workers, co-riders, co-humans, etc. What connections are you making or not making? Where are you going with it? How are you dealing with it? What is the connection?

Sometimes it’s a conscious decision to be open to the connections in our lives.  Sometimes it’s an unconsciousness connection, that we don’t even realize is there, till it’s gone.   When working with some one, something, with nature, with a building, we feel a connection, a sync.  We can feel it when it’s not there.

Whether you’re working, having fun, bored, dancing, hanging out, alone, reading, doing chores; there is a connection to what or who you are working with.

So who, what, where, and why?

What connections are you working on?


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