I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 03/22/2016

I am grateful for warm days.  I am grateful for metro transit.  I am grateful for amazon.  I am grateful for impulses.  I am grateful for kitten cuddles.  I am grateful for food.  I am grateful for family and friends.  I am grateful for my clients.  I am grateful for cash.  I am grateful for my job.

I had the opportunity to wander yesterday, before going home.  It’s an opportunity that I took up.  It’s really nice to wander sometimes.

Yesterday’s Draw was


The Master Maker
by Brian Froud
Faeries’ Oracle

The Master Maker: Skill, Craftsmanship, Magician, Moral Strength, Invention; The Master Maker is the master of the forge, upon which we create our futures and forge our own souls. he sees the world beyond the otherworld, the world of first causes. Through his magic, he brings them into his own world of Faery. From his world, these concepts trickle down into our own, through dreams and visions picked up by artists and craftsman everywhere. But he makes the first, the original. He is the great inventor, and the sign above his door reads: Practical Problems Solved Here.

March 22-23 is the night of the Full Moon, coupled w/ an eclipse.  What are you looking to work on?  Are you planting those seeds?  Are you being careful for what you are saying and planting?   Sometimes you need to think outside the box, and be creative about it.


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