You Are Loved: 07/11/2016

You Are Loved
YOU Are Worth IT
You are Welcome
You Are Beautiful
You Are Love
You Are Cherished
You Are Handsome
You Are Goddess
You Are God
You Are Divine
You Are Holy
You Are Safe
You Are Protected
You Are Wonderful
You Are Moving Forward

I am Love. I Love Cloudy Mornings. I love hosting random beautiful people. I love hearing good stories. I love listening to Good Music. I love my Life. I love Joy. I love Happiness. I love Mondays. I love you. I love me. I love the World. I love Nature.

I am Love.
I am Grateful
I am Loved
I am Cherished
I am Holy
I am Reiki
I am Divine
I am Safe
I am Protected
I am Moving Forward
I Believe in Myself
I am Worth It
I am God.
I am Goddess.
I am Healer, Sage, Shaman.
I am Successful, Abundant, and Prosperous,

I am the Creator of my Reality, Whatever I focus on I create.

Wonderful Things Are Happening.

I am That, I am.


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