I am Love: 08/30/2016

I am Love.  I am Happiness.  I am Joy.  I am Prosperous.  I am Abundant.  I am Successful.  I am Reiki.  I am WORTH IT.  I am Moving Forward.  I am Goddess.  I am God.  I am Healer.  I am Sage.  I am Shaman.  I am Safe.  I am Protected.  I am Cherished.  I believe in Myself. I am Divine. I am Holy.  I am Healing.

I am the Creator of my Reality.  Whatever I focus on I create.

These are for those that need to Hear it aloud.  These are for those that need to Hear it in their own Voice.  These are for those that need to hear it through their own Minds.  These are for those that give the random gift of compliments.

You are Loved.  You are SO WORTH IT.  You are Happiness.  You are Joy.  You are Love.  You are Cherished.  You are Holy.  You are Divine.  You are God.  You are Goddess.  You are Healing. You are Safe.  You are Protected.  You are Beautiful.  You are Handsome.  You are appreciated.  You are Welcome.  I am Grateful for you in my life.  You are my kind of Weird.  You have an Awesome Smile.  I am Grateful for you.  You are unique.  Thank You.

Wonderful things are Happening.

YOU are the creator of Your Reality.  Whatever YOU focus on You create.

In Love, Namaste.

PS. Pay it Forward.  Give of yourself, that which you want the most to experience.


“Home” Work: 08/28/2016

We are heading into the month of September this week.  In the United States this is a Holiday weekend coming up.  Labor day is next Monday.  To many, it’s an extra day off.  To others it holds a special meaning.  To everybody be safe, and don’t do anything really stupid.

I don’t tend to start new things as I head into the Autumn and Winter season.  I find it difficult to start new things, unless the “seed” itself has been planted well in advance.  I feel that the season is the time for “harvesting” the “fruits” of my labor.  Then planning on redoing the landscape on what didn’t work.  There are a couple things coming to a head with “seeds” that were been planted for some time (decades or a year).

So it’s not a surprise that today turned out to be a very “Adulting” day as I cleaned my room, rearranged it, and moved out what didn’t work.  Did the laundry (ALL the laundry), hung things up (that had been on the “to do list” for 2 years), and explored some options of rearranging the living area.

I set up space in my room for reading, and set up my sleep space.

Fun times.  I’m tired.

I hope everyone had a good week.  And I hope everyone has an Awesome week going forward.

In Love, Namaste

A Moment: 8.27.2016

No moment is just like the last. Every moment could be your last. Every moment is unique, because in a blink it’s gone.

These two men were walking by, and one of them stated that while tonight’s sunset was beautiful, tomorrow will be the same Sunset. He couldn’t understand why we were all standing enjoying this moment in time.

He’s right, there will be a sunset tomorrow. There was a sunset yesterday. And whether we are here to enjoy it or not, there will continue to be sunsets. Whether it is yesterday’s sunset or tomorrow’s, each Sunset is perfect in its own way. It’s perfect in its own moment. And no two sunsets are exactly alike. 

So enjoy the moment, it won’t be around again.

Different: 08/27/2016

We teach our children that it’s okay to be different.  That it doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, skinny, fat, black, mixed, foreign, unique, different, challenged, homeless, blind, etc.   We teach them that they should love and accept one another.  Yet is the message getting lost in translation?

They see adults doing the exact opposite.  They see candidates calling each other names.  They see adults making laws that exclude people that are different.  They hear adults talk about those that are different in a derogatory manner.  They hear and see adults bully and call each other names.

We tell our children bullying is wrong.  We tell our children that bullying isn’t right.  We tell our children that we need to accept those that are different.  That we need to accept each other.  We have passed laws stating that bullying is wrong for our children.  Yet in the news, they see adults doing exactly that, and there are no punishments. Not only is it not punished, it’s encouraged.

We don’t talk to each other anymore.  Everybody is yelling to be heard, yet no one is listening.  Silence is heard louder than any voice.  Each of us has a voice, and we are all using it.

Yet what would happen if we stopped, and listened with our hearts in love?  What would happen if we saw each other in compassion?   What would happen if instead of speaking we smiled or gave a hug?   What would happen if we viewed the World in acceptance, love, and compassion?  What would happen indeed?

Our children learn by watching us.   They learn by us actively and passively teaching them.  They learn by mimicking us.  As a society and a people are we sending the wrong message?



Good Night: 08/21/2016

What a wonderful Day!

Today I got to babysit my Niece and Nephew.  We went for a walk, and played in the park. Then both went down for a nap after lunch, and then we all went to a block party.  We had some Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream.  Much fun was had by all.

img_20160821_202653.jpg img_20160821_204701.jpg
Minneapolis, MN

Amazon Prime is “evil”.  But I would say if you don’t have it, it’s well worth the investment.   I’m learning some hard lessons lately.  I’m grateful for them, because they are lessons I needed to learn.

In Love, Namaste….

Good Morning: 08/21/2016

Farmer’s Market Take
Kingfield Farmer’s Market
Minneapolis, MN
Photography By Krisso

How is everyone’s Morning?  Did the sun rise?  Has it set?  Where are you in the World?  Where are you in YOUR World?  How are you in YOUR World?

The Rain comes, The Sun Rises.  Life Happens.  The Sun Sets.  It’s what you do in between that counts.  Enjoy the Moment.  Get up and enjoy the day.

While I may not feel like it when rolling out of bed, I do actually enjoy the morning before most of the populace gets up.  The morning is crisp.  It’s like the Earth hasn’t woken yet, and the Humans are still sleeping.  The ozone from vehicles hasn’t permeated the air yet, and the day is new.  If you haven’t taken a moment just to stand, and let you senses be your eyes, you should.  Close your eyes, and let your heart see for you. It can be an awesome experience.

Remember You are Loved.  You are Cherished.  You are Holy.  You are Divine.  You are Awesome.  You are Worth It.  You are Love.  You are my kind of Weird.  I am Grateful for you.  I Appreciate You.  I Love You. Thank You.  You are Welcome.

In Love, Namaste

Today: 08/20/2016

Today was a fine example of the storms that come into our lives.  They come with such power, or they can come with a whimper.  But they come just the same.  They interrupt what we may expect at the time.  They march to their own tune, but they come just the same.  They shake up things, they provide nourishment, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

One can ride the storm and be strengthened by it, or one can be knocked around and weakened by it.  It’s all up to you which way it goes.  Storms carry their own awesome beauty and awesome power.   You can see them coming.  Feel it in the Earth.  Smell it on the Wind.  You can always sense a storm coming, and sometimes it has nothing to do with nature, and everything to do with you.

When I lived in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin I used to sit on the car port, and watch the storms come in.   I could sit under the port and feel the power of them.  At the time we lived on the edge of town, so we could see the storms coming in from the west over the prairie and farms.   It was awesome to watch.  From Sun Prairie we went to Virginia.  I used to say we traded tornadoes for hurricanes.

Nature is Awesome and Beautiful in her power regardless of whether it’s a sunset or rise, a beautiful day, a blizzard, or a rainy day with thunder.  She’s beautiful.  Accepting her and enjoying what she has to offer with out complaint can change the way you look at life.  You may even begin to see similarities in places you least expect.





Evening Progression Shots
Minneapolis, MN