I would Love: 08/19/2016

As a healer, with the wanderlust bug this would be awesome. It’s an article by Massage Magazine about individuals that have done just that. There’s one woman that turned an old food truck into a mode of bringing massage and healing to a niche. There are a couple individuals mentioned in the article that have found their niche.

Wandering Healer came about not because of my wanderlust, but because my path has been long, and I’ve taken a couple detours getting here. You know those mini comics depicting what the journey to success is like. Well … I wouldn’t be on the smooth road, why? Because it isn’t interesting. I love Oaks, I love Maples. I love the landscape that is forever changing. I love to take my camera to the Arboretum (when I have a car), and disappear for hours. I mute my phone, occasionally I take off my shoes, and I walk around with out them. I loved going in the Morning before people get up. I love going in the evening after a large bulk of the people have left. The Arboretum and Preserves like it are large enough you can go and be alone, when surrounded by people.

If it’s one thing I miss about having a vehicle of my own, it is the mobility of having a dependable vehicle of my own. One of my first names for my business was Wandering Healer. It’s changed several times since then, but the name doesn’t leave. So I know regardless of whether I’m blogging under it, naming my business it, or both, Wandering Healer is here to stay. The premise of the name is still there in the back of my mind, and this article brought it back to the forefront. I want to take my business on the Road. I want to be able to travel, and bring my healing practice with me. These Massage Therapists are doing it. I think it’s phenomenal. It gives me a couple ideas.


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