Good Morning: 08/21/2016

Farmer’s Market Take
Kingfield Farmer’s Market
Minneapolis, MN
Photography By Krisso

How is everyone’s Morning?  Did the sun rise?  Has it set?  Where are you in the World?  Where are you in YOUR World?  How are you in YOUR World?

The Rain comes, The Sun Rises.  Life Happens.  The Sun Sets.  It’s what you do in between that counts.  Enjoy the Moment.  Get up and enjoy the day.

While I may not feel like it when rolling out of bed, I do actually enjoy the morning before most of the populace gets up.  The morning is crisp.  It’s like the Earth hasn’t woken yet, and the Humans are still sleeping.  The ozone from vehicles hasn’t permeated the air yet, and the day is new.  If you haven’t taken a moment just to stand, and let you senses be your eyes, you should.  Close your eyes, and let your heart see for you. It can be an awesome experience.

Remember You are Loved.  You are Cherished.  You are Holy.  You are Divine.  You are Awesome.  You are Worth It.  You are Love.  You are my kind of Weird.  I am Grateful for you.  I Appreciate You.  I Love You. Thank You.  You are Welcome.

In Love, Namaste


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