Different: 08/27/2016

We teach our children that it’s okay to be different.  That it doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, skinny, fat, black, mixed, foreign, unique, different, challenged, homeless, blind, etc.   We teach them that they should love and accept one another.  Yet is the message getting lost in translation?

They see adults doing the exact opposite.  They see candidates calling each other names.  They see adults making laws that exclude people that are different.  They hear adults talk about those that are different in a derogatory manner.  They hear and see adults bully and call each other names.

We tell our children bullying is wrong.  We tell our children that bullying isn’t right.  We tell our children that we need to accept those that are different.  That we need to accept each other.  We have passed laws stating that bullying is wrong for our children.  Yet in the news, they see adults doing exactly that, and there are no punishments. Not only is it not punished, it’s encouraged.

We don’t talk to each other anymore.  Everybody is yelling to be heard, yet no one is listening.  Silence is heard louder than any voice.  Each of us has a voice, and we are all using it.

Yet what would happen if we stopped, and listened with our hearts in love?  What would happen if we saw each other in compassion?   What would happen if instead of speaking we smiled or gave a hug?   What would happen if we viewed the World in acceptance, love, and compassion?  What would happen indeed?

Our children learn by watching us.   They learn by us actively and passively teaching them.  They learn by mimicking us.  As a society and a people are we sending the wrong message?




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