“Home” Work: 08/28/2016

We are heading into the month of September this week.  In the United States this is a Holiday weekend coming up.  Labor day is next Monday.  To many, it’s an extra day off.  To others it holds a special meaning.  To everybody be safe, and don’t do anything really stupid.

I don’t tend to start new things as I head into the Autumn and Winter season.  I find it difficult to start new things, unless the “seed” itself has been planted well in advance.  I feel that the season is the time for “harvesting” the “fruits” of my labor.  Then planning on redoing the landscape on what didn’t work.  There are a couple things coming to a head with “seeds” that were been planted for some time (decades or a year).

So it’s not a surprise that today turned out to be a very “Adulting” day as I cleaned my room, rearranged it, and moved out what didn’t work.  Did the laundry (ALL the laundry), hung things up (that had been on the “to do list” for 2 years), and explored some options of rearranging the living area.

I set up space in my room for reading, and set up my sleep space.

Fun times.  I’m tired.

I hope everyone had a good week.  And I hope everyone has an Awesome week going forward.

In Love, Namaste


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