Changing Energy: 09/13/2016

Am I who I was when I graduated High School?  Am I who I was when I went to college the first time?  Am I who I was when I worked for SunTrust Mortgage?  Am I who I was when 09/11/2001 happened?

No. No.  and No.

But why?  Why am I different?  Because as I grow, I learn.  As I grow and learn, I change.  I can’t be the same person that I was then, that I am now.  I will change everyday.  I will be a different person in a day, a month, a season, or a year from now.  There will be nothing in my body that is exactly as it was when it was yesterday, last month, last season, or even in the last minute.  Everything changes.

So why do we fight to maintain the status quo or control of the situation, when even the situation changes as we strive to hold it still?  It’s energy, and you can’t truly control energy, you can harness it, but control can be a very dangerous illusion.

People work in jobs they hate, that make them sick, that they tolerate, because it brings in the money.   People vote for candidates that they hate or dislike, because it maintains the status quo, and they truly believe they have no other choice.  People do the same things day in and day out, never changing the routine, because it’s comfortable, and sometimes they don’t know any better.

If our thoughts, bodies, surroundings, words, actions, even the Universe are all energy, and we wish to maintain the status quo, we will.  Yet our hopes, our dreams, our wishes, our destinies will still pop up, they will still show us what is possible outside of our comfort zone.  If the Universe, The Divine, The God, The Goddess, or The Spirit wants us to succeed, then it will still show us what is possible just outside of the status quo.  All it takes is a step, a choice, a decision to do better, be better, and act with love.

During the day we see blue sky, we see the sun as it travels the sky, and the day changes as it progresses forward.  As the wheel turns, it changes.  Yesterday’s sunrise was different than today’s.  Today’s sunset will be different from yesterday’s.  As the sun sets, the stars come out, and we glimpse the Universe outside of the Earth.

The sky itself is not the Limit, it’s a challenge.


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