Cleaning and Purging: 09/20/2016

I’m listening to Leo King, and he’s being don’t do anything major, which is kinda what I’m feeling.  Yet there is this part of me that wants to move, change, rearrange things.  I don’t really like standing still sometimes.  However with the things going on right now, I should step back, relax, and pay attention to me.   Which is what I’m feeling kinda about this week.  This week is about paying attention to me, and doing some me work.

I try to get the trash and recyclables out before trash day. Last night, the “plan” was to do just that, but I got to cleaning, which turned into putting things away, which turned into purging and cleaning out the fridge…ick.  I went through some of my clothes, “asked” if I should keep or throw, a lot went.  We tend to keep clothes with the mentality that we’ll fit in them again, instead of letting them go and some one else enjoy them.

There are several reasons that lead me to clean.  One: I don’t like standing clutter in the living area of my home.  Two: things need to change periodically, and I tend to do that with seasons.  I’m already looking at the living room, and thinking how to do it for this autumn/winter.  Three: it’s when the occasion says NOW!  Like last night, I was kinda on the roll, and … then I was done.

Now that I’ve got my distraction out of the way, I’m looking at my work schedule this week, and it’s looking like a me week.  I week where I pay attention to the home and myself.  Relax, smell the air, torment my cat :), have a cup of tea, read, listen to music, etc.  Take care of me.



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