I Went For A Walk: 09/24/2016

I thought about riding my bike this morning, but instead I took out my walking sandals, got my phone, set it to an audio book, picked up my walking cane, and took my back pack with water in it.    I took a walk to work.  I was off. I scheduled this time off last month with the intention of going to the Renaissance Festival.  I could have slept in, and I did.  This is a ME weekend.

What does that mean?  It means that for whatever reason, this weekend has turned into some time that I can take for myself, and take care of me.  Take care of my home, and enjoy the presence of Self.  Of music.  Of my little furry company.  I have no massages scheduled all weekend.  I have no work all weekend.

So I took a walk, and listened to some Wayne Dyer on the way.  I watched the squirrels running around with their little bushy tails in the air, carrying nuts up trees.  I watched a chipmunk head for the hedge.  I saw a Dog watching me from a window. I watched a cat, sitting in a window, watching all the birds flying around, and the critters in the trees. To take care of me, converse, and continue my walk.

On the way home, I took different route.  I different landscape to observe and smell.  Walking by the older houses surrounded by trees and unique landscape, and I scented the Earth.  That wet earthy smell of plants and earth, that comes around in the early day, after some good rains.   Then I was looking down, and seeing all the fallen leaves.  I thought of a friend of mine, and her beautiful art.

Delayne is such a beautiful soul. She’s been doing faces. Giving faces for those little souls in nature. She’s a beautiful Soul that heals with her art.

I thought about the changes that have been occurring in my life. How looking at things differently has changed my outlook on things. How changing how I think, has changed the way my brain works. How changing the way I act, has changed the environment around me. How I don’t need to shout my truth, to know my truth. I don’t need to share my truth, to know my soul. I know my soul. I have a feeling of where I’m going, and that is mine.

I can think of all the excuses that this weekend is mine, but in the end it is still a weekend that was carved out even without me knowing truly what it was for, till it was here.


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