The Aftermath: 11/10/2016

My Post on Facebook on 11/09/2016 at 00:26 am:

To Everyone:

To everyone who voted, thank you.
To everyone who didn’t vote, thank you.
Either way, your decision counted, maybe not in the way you thought it would.
To everyone out there happy or not, get involved.
If you want change, change YOUR world and the rest will follow.
The election isn’t the end of your participation in government, it’s the beginning. Whether your candidate won or not, get involved. From local to county to state to federal, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.
If this place isn’t for you, then again get involved, your world won’t change, unless you participate in your change.

I hear people want a change in government every year. I see people promoting term limits on Representatives in government.  I see them rant and rave on Facebook, or I hear them rant and rave in conversation.  I read about it online.  I hear about it from friends.  But what happens at election time?  People vote for the same system, or they refuse to participate at all.

If you want change, participate in change.  If you want to change the World, you have to change YOUR world.  If you don’t participate in change, then the change that happens, may not be what you are looking for.  Whether you are ready for it or not, change is happening.  The seasons change, people change, the environment changes, the World Changes, nothing stays the same.

What would happen if everyone looked at each other in Friendship?  In acceptance?  In Love?  In compassion?   What would happen if we did this without reservation of who we are, or who you are, or our views or differences?  What would happen?  Would we be in the same place we are now, if this was what we did?  If we acknowledged our fears, and talked about them, and found that middle ground?  Would we still be here now, looking at who we now have as President?   If we welcomed the changes that are occurring, instead of feared them?  Would we still be where we are at now?

What would indeed happen?