I Love The Snow: 1.30.2017

I love the snow. I love that white fluffy little blanket that covers their. I love that insulates the Earth to protect the things that grow in the earth. I love it when it snows nice and deep, because then you have this nice fluffy white blanket, and a soft Landing. I love the winter. I love the way things slow down in the winter. I love not really starting new things in the winter. I love contemplating the things that worked and the things that didn’t. I love the rest that winter brings. I love the contemplation that winter brings. I love it when I can open my curtains and even though it’s cloudy outside, it’s bright inside, because of the reflection of the light off the snow.

And most of all I love kitten cuddles with my little kitty mischief.


Choku Rei: 01.29.2017

‚ÄčWhen I draw, or see, or consciously practice Reiki, I see Choku Rei as a power symbol. But when I experience Choku Rei it’s power, protection, and fire. Whenever I draw Choku Rei, I drawed it with warm colors. I draw with the fire colors, with oranges, Reds, and yellows. Because fire has warm colors with it, but sometimes fire has darker cooler colors such as blues, greens, and purples.


So today I decided to do an experiment. I had been looking to experiment with some masking fluid, while doing water color. And today called to be manifest turned out perfectly. Drawing symbols creatively helps me commit them to Memory. It helps me bring them into Focus. It helps me memorize them.

I can’t wait to see what else comes to be.

Choku Rei: 01.29.2017: Derwent Watercolor & Inksense Pencils 

P.S. the original post is on my sain healing blog.