Things I enjoy: 02/10/2017

I enjoy having a clean sink in the morning.  It makes me comfortable, because it’s not something waiting to get done.

I enjoy cleaning once a week.  It makes my home healthier by decreasing the cat fur and dander, and allows me to freak the cats out a little.

I enjoy taking random photographs and sharing them.  I enjoy this because of the many likes and comments on them.  It’s like having little windows of a moment in time of random things and creatures in my life.

I enjoy keeping track.  This allows me to see how much progress has been made, and what has been done recently, or needs to be done.

I enjoy creating schedules.  I never really thought about it, honestly I thought people who had schedules were nuts.  Because WHY?  But it actually pays to have at least the to do list or/and the schedule/goals written.

I enjoy purging.  I’ve been purging in little and big ways for years.  Now I have a goal and a reason.  Knowing that, helps me work towards that goal going forward.  When I’m done purging, I’m hoping that I’ll have what is important to me, and holds meaning in my space and with my eventual partner.

I enjoy quiet now, almost as much as music.  Each offers its own peace.

I enjoy meal replacement shakes.  It makes things easy and fast and nutritious.  And it ensures that I get 2 meals a day easily.   I enjoy making a least one meal.

I enjoy flannel.  Nice soft warm flannel.

I enjoy my home.  I love the location.  I love the environment.  I enjoy the aloneness.

But I am ready for a change.


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