Relationships: 4/11/2017

When we think of Relationships, we think of people, maybe even places, but not usually with energy.  Well people who are not familiar with working with energy or intent usually may not think this way.  But lately the relationship that has been coming up more than a little has been with money, at least for me.  It’s interesting how affirmations can effect things that one may never really think has anything to do with what is going on, but end up having everything to do with what’s going on.

I am thinking my affirmation board needs an overhaul.  Mainly because while some of the affirmations I’ve been incorporating into my daily life, may still be on my board, but a great deal of my affirmations have evolved into something different.  They may not be as simple as the “I AM” affirmations any more.  Sometimes it may be time to sit down and look at what you are putting out into the Universe, and actually have a conversation with it.

If the Universe is a mirror, and it reflects back to you what you are putting out, then what are you planting in your “garden” with your everyday activities and words may be manifesting faster than you may think.  If you are saying and acting like things don’t really matter, thinking that the World is a scary place, or that only bad things happen to you, guess what? It may just happen like you predicted, but not in the way you expected.  But if you change one thing or many things, and start thinking that YOUR Universe is a wonderful place, you may just be surprised with what comes back.

One of the books I have read, said that if you pray to the Angels about your relationships, and have them help you root out the ones that are not working, you may be very surprised about what comes out.  The same could be said about the intentions you plant.  Some people believe that planting certain intentions are only going effect the intended subject, but most goals, are interconnected.  Your relationships with other people, may be the result of your relationship with Time, Money, Self Care, Job, Life, etc.  It may have nothing to do with them, and EVERYTHING to do with you.

Sometimes I don’t understand why people move on, but later find that it was time.  That we accomplished what were meant to, learned what we were supposed, or refused the lesson, and it was time move on.  People like to be the one to make that choice, but sometimes it isn’t about your choice, and everything to do about a intention you planted that has changed the relationship.  The same could be said about you relationship with your job, time or money.  While they may not be “friends” or “people”, you do have a relationship with them.  Whether it’s a good, bad, or meh type of relationship, it’s up to you.  But only you can decide how it pans out, even if it comes out in unexpected ways.

So be careful or not, depending on your intent, when you wish upon that star, it may not be what you expected, but everything you may or may not have wanted.


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