Thoughts on My Oracle Draw and Day: 4/15/2017

Today was a very accomplishing day. I got off work, came home, changed, and was off for errands. It’s a good thing I had come home, because it allowed me to do a list of necessities for the next week or so. If I had just left from work, I don’t think I would have centered or budgeted well. Taking that into account, I had an unexpected expense come out of my account last night, and I am debating if I want to put it back on a 90 day grace. Which I probably will.

I really enjoy doing Oracle Spreads in the morning. It gives me an idea of where my head is, even after I’ve done my morning mediation affirmation centering.

wp-1492316923109.jpg The First card I drew was Power of Attraction. I’ve been working on attracting the things I want most in life. Above all else there is one thing I want more than pretty much anything. This is manifesting right before my eyes. There are things aligning perfectly to make it happen, but There is something in me that clings to the past and what hasn’t really worked for me. It’s learning in theory and in fact that I can let go of that which that does not serve me. Even knowing and seeing what letting go is bringing me, I still cling to the old comforts, shields, and masks. But that too is dropping. The mask is falling, the walls have fallen, but the shields and comforts, I’m working on them. Some of which can be seen in The Miser. But in drawing Eye of Horus it’s like “breathe” and “let go“, for “We have you, and you are safe“.

I can feel that I am letting go of those old and new fears, but the little voice is still whispering “what if“. I need to remember that at the end of the day, the Day is done. There is no going back, and you can either cling to the regrets and the what if’s, or you can let it go, and flow with the energy that is you. That is what I am working on.

Because to flow with energy and water of Nature is a truly beautiful thing. Full of adventure and lessons for me to learn.


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