Healing: 4/19/2017

Working in a healing industry, I’m sad to see so many people come through my door that are ill or hurt.  Not because they are hurt from physical ailments, but from the mental and emotional ones.   Also seeing those emotional and mental hurts manifest in the tissues.  In massage we call it “issues in the tissues“.  I describe it to people as a music example (that those issues in the tissues are doing heavy metal, while the rest of your body is doing jazz).  I have had people on my table, start crying out of the blue, releasing the pain and hurt that has been planted there.  I have had people re-book, and come back, saying that so much was released after the session, they want to do another round.  I’ve had people who haven’t come back, because they are not prepared for the work that they need to do, to become well.

Sometimes to heal, can be as easy as a choice.  Sometimes healing isn’t as easy as it appears, because of the work that needs to be done.  But that work isn’t just on the part of the Doctor, Chiropractor, Shaman, Energy Worker, or Healer, it’s on the person that wishes to be healed.  Because the one thing that some people don’t realize, it’s not the healer that is healing, it is the healer, that is providing you the avenue to heal thyself.

To heal may require you to open that wound right up, and that can be painful.  It can feel like it’s brand spanking new, even though the wound is years or decades old.  It can feel hurtful, it can feel worse than it ever has been, or it can feel like the release you need.   Healing can be rejuvenating, it can be awesome, or it can be the scariest painful thing you have ever done.  It depends on how you look at it sometimes.  It usually depends on whether or not you are willing to let it go.

Are you willing to till the fields?  Are you willing to set fire to the prairie?  Are you willing to pull out those weeds?  In the act of forgiveness and unconditional love of thyself, the event, and the other people involved?  Are you ready to let go?  Keep in mind it has taken your lifetime to get to the spot you are now.  It’s always your choice where you go from here.


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