I am Grateful: 5/6/2017

I am grateful for 24 hour cancellation policies.

I am grateful for late mornings.

I am grateful for colorful sunsets.

I am grateful for awesome cameras on phones.

I am grateful for soft kitties.

I am grateful for Instagram.

I am grateful for tips.

I am grateful for more variety of yogurt with fat in it.

I am grateful for my home.

I am grateful for my family.

I had the wonderful opportunity go out tonight, and take several photographs of the sunset, which was beautifully colorful.


I almost didn’t go out tonight.  I was contemplating getting up early to do the sunrise, but I had this feeling that I should go out and take some pictures.  I’m glad I listened to the “feeling”.  Just looking at the color in the east and reflections off the buildings, it was looking pretty awesome.   It’s pretty nice being in walking distance of Lake Harriet.


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