Wandering Healer

Taken: 05/15/2008 at the Minnesota Arboretum

My name is Kristin.

Wandering Healer was originally the name of my business, but that has since morphed into another name.  But I kept the blog under Wandering Healer.

Wandering means to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, to go aimlessly or indirectly; meander, or to extend in an irregular course or direction.   However I’m a firm believer that not all who wander are lost.   We may not take the path that everyone travels, but we eventually get to the destination.  We just have a bit more detours or adventures along the way.

As I officially started on my path to be a healer, I thought I needed to branch my businesses into several different businesses, but I realized that is not the case.   Healing doesn’t just mean going to see a doctor.  Healing is a variety of different things, from talking, to art, to walking, to exercise, to reading, etc.  Healing is variety of different paths, not just the path that is most traveled.

Noticing a trend here?

So my business includes, Massage, Reiki/Energy, Healing (Readings, Teaching, Guided Meditations, Clearing, Distant Healing), and Photography/crafts.  All of these have brought me peace, and all of these help others experience peace.

I’m a Reiki Divine Being on the path to the Divine, sharing my journey as I go.


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