Good Morning: Minneapolis: 7/17/2017


I decided last night that I would get up this morning when I woke up.  Which was 5:33 am this morning, before the Sun was awake.  But I went with it.  I relaxed for a bit, then I got up, made my bed, did my daily oracle spread, and got dressed for a walk.  It was a beautiful Morning walk.  It wasn’t too hot or muggy, and hardly anyone was up and walking around at 6 am.

Sometimes I’ll sit in the park and meditate with breathe.  Sometimes I’ll bring my camera, and take pictures.  Sometimes I’ll do both.  It’s my time.  My time away from the apartment.  My time away from the daily “this,this,this”.  My time away to be present within me, and listen to some of the thoughts, and think if I have enough to form a blog post out of them.  Not so much today…except wow, I should do this more often, no one is awake and moving right now :).

Though some questions came up today:

  • How we bring about positive change when we come from a place of anger, frustration, or hate?
  • What would happen if no matter what the response from the other side, “protesters” came from and remained in a place of love, compassion & peace?
  • How would the message change?
  • How would the experience change?

The answers weren’t forthcoming this morning, but the questions were there.  So I continued walking, taking pictures, and enjoying the morning.


I hope every one has an awesome Monday!  Take it in stride, no matter what the Universe is throwing your way, around you, below you, above you, etc.  Breathe, let go, allow, let flow.

Daily Oracle: 4/11/2017

Cross posted from Musings of An Aquarian Fire Dragon.

Today is the day of the Full Moon, so I drew 3 cards, instead of 2. I have to be careful with that, because it may end up to be 5 or 10…oops! 🙂

I have been noticing that my intentions and my affirmations are manifesting faster and in unexpected ways, with a side of the Universally Divine 2×4. I would say that it’s been fun, but actually it has. I would say I wouldn’t recommend it, but sometimes you need a swift kick in the ass to get you moving in the right direction. Even if it is a 2×4 from the Divine. I am a firm believer of tough love, and while there are many light workers out there that believe in the rainbows and butterflies of the Divine, and everything is good. I believe that sometimes the Divine does the tough love. Oh they do it in the unconditional love that they have for you, but the nudges and the pokes haven’t worked, so along comes a 2×4 from left field. They make sure you are okay, and walk away with the “bat”, whistling down the path. Of course the making sure you’re okay, may also be, “did you get the message?” …”this time”…

That being said, I’ve been noticing a “click”, like some thing fell into place. Once I made the decision, the Universe aligned, and all the ducks lined in a row for me. This morning’s draw has me thinking of that. It has me thinking of the things that are manifesting. Considering the “seeds” that I have planted in the “garden”. Considering the Affirmations that I have incorporated in my daily life, whether it be while I’m in a healing session, or just waking up for the day. What am I saying that moves things forward? I also know that the Bullet Journal is helping a lot with this.

Oracle Card Draw:

wp-1491928651823.jpg Cartouche: Divine Names of Power: What your are saying, thinking, or writing have power, have MAGICK. In the words for this card “…The words you are speaking are rapidly gaining power.”

Conscious Connections: Relationships. I have some thoughts on relationships. The Relationship you be thinking about, might not be with a person. It’s time to evaluate the relationships in your life.

XIII Transformation: This is actually the Death card for this deck (Osho Zen), but Death isn’t a bad thing, it’s change. “This is the time for a deep let-go” You may need to let go of someone, something, ideals, pain, or difficulties. One never knows, and you may need to meditate on it. Honestly, go to a place you find comfort in, and have conversation with it or some one. Sometimes it helps to talk it out, or journal it out.

This is a time of change. You may not be ready for it. You may be fighting it with everything you have, but it’s time to change. Try flowing with it. Try letting go and floating down the river with it. Sometimes you have to release the control you feel you have to have in situation or relationship, and let it flow. If it’s meant to be, it will be, if not, then let it go.

Relationships: 4/11/2017

When we think of Relationships, we think of people, maybe even places, but not usually with energy.  Well people who are not familiar with working with energy or intent usually may not think this way.  But lately the relationship that has been coming up more than a little has been with money, at least for me.  It’s interesting how affirmations can effect things that one may never really think has anything to do with what is going on, but end up having everything to do with what’s going on.

I am thinking my affirmation board needs an overhaul.  Mainly because while some of the affirmations I’ve been incorporating into my daily life, may still be on my board, but a great deal of my affirmations have evolved into something different.  They may not be as simple as the “I AM” affirmations any more.  Sometimes it may be time to sit down and look at what you are putting out into the Universe, and actually have a conversation with it.

If the Universe is a mirror, and it reflects back to you what you are putting out, then what are you planting in your “garden” with your everyday activities and words may be manifesting faster than you may think.  If you are saying and acting like things don’t really matter, thinking that the World is a scary place, or that only bad things happen to you, guess what? It may just happen like you predicted, but not in the way you expected.  But if you change one thing or many things, and start thinking that YOUR Universe is a wonderful place, you may just be surprised with what comes back.

One of the books I have read, said that if you pray to the Angels about your relationships, and have them help you root out the ones that are not working, you may be very surprised about what comes out.  The same could be said about the intentions you plant.  Some people believe that planting certain intentions are only going effect the intended subject, but most goals, are interconnected.  Your relationships with other people, may be the result of your relationship with Time, Money, Self Care, Job, Life, etc.  It may have nothing to do with them, and EVERYTHING to do with you.

Sometimes I don’t understand why people move on, but later find that it was time.  That we accomplished what were meant to, learned what we were supposed, or refused the lesson, and it was time move on.  People like to be the one to make that choice, but sometimes it isn’t about your choice, and everything to do about a intention you planted that has changed the relationship.  The same could be said about you relationship with your job, time or money.  While they may not be “friends” or “people”, you do have a relationship with them.  Whether it’s a good, bad, or meh type of relationship, it’s up to you.  But only you can decide how it pans out, even if it comes out in unexpected ways.

So be careful or not, depending on your intent, when you wish upon that star, it may not be what you expected, but everything you may or may not have wanted.

Be the Change: 02.16.2017

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. If something isn’t getting done that you think should be done, be that change. Create that niche that fills in that Gap. You are a powerful being. You have your own power, and you can use it to make great wonderful change.

You can sit on that couch, and watch the news, but what does it accomplish? You can talk to your friends, be angry, be hurtful, be fearful, and be hateful, but who benefits from these emotions? What can you accomplish with these emotions? You can take to the streets and show the world that you’re unhappy. But what does it accomplish?

I talked with a young woman this week. She holds her anger, her fear, and holds her frustration, and it affects her body. She says the white man is a problem. She says that this country is lost. She says that this country is not worth the effort. She holds her anger, and her fear, and her hate for that which she does not understand. Is there room for love with all of that floating on?

We are beautiful beings. We have beautiful souls. Each and every one of us has a soul. Each and every one of us has lessons that we have to learn, that we agreed to learn when we came to this life. Each and every one of us, regardless of whether or not we believe, is a child of the Divine. We have a piece of the Divine in each and every one of us. We have the power to change the world. But in order to change the world, we have to change ourselves. And the rest of the world will follow. 

But to do that requires a choice. It requires you to take a stand.  To take a stand not in Anger, not in fear, and not hate. Let’s take a stand in love,  in joy, in celebration of who you are. In celebration of what you hope to accomplish. Because if you are not celebrating what you’re hoping to accomplish, what are you doing it for?

Change is happening. Change is happening all around us. Change is happening on a metaphysical level. Change is happening within our political structure. Change happening within our governments. Change is happening in the very nature of itself. How are you adapting to that change? How are you accomplishing adapting to that change? Are you evolving with that change? Or are you stuck in the frustration against that change? 

All it requires is a choice, follow through, and dedication. The world is changing, you can change with it, or be rolled over. Because whether or not you’re ready for it, it’s coming. You can participate, you can lead, or you can stand aside, or you can be run over. But it’s up to you. 

What is your choice?

Unconditional Love: 2.7.2017

What would happen, if we saw everything with unconditional love?  What would happen, if we acted with unconditional love? What would happen, if instead of individual issues or causes, we just took up the mantel of unconditional love? Unconditional for each other, for our homes, for our countries and others, and for our Earth?

What if we saw each other with unconditional love?  What if we saw each other not by color, or class, or religion, or ethnicity, or profession?  What would happen? What would happen, if we saw, felt, and acted with unconditional love in all things?  Would it make a difference what the cause was? 

What would happen?  What type of legislation would we see?  What type of care of our people would we see? What type of action would we have? 

What type of World would we live, if we acted out of love and compassion towards ourselves, each other, and our environment? If we worried not of the color of our skin, the religion that we follow, the class that we are in, the education we have had, or the profession we work?  

Unconditional love could unite all under one banner, and with it, we could move mountains. Because it wouldn’t matter the cause, would it?

Random thought thread of a waking mind.

I Was Thinking: 2.04.2017

I was thinking today about the many issues that are at the Forefront of our minds these days. There are so many issues from the presidency as it is, to the environment, to Racial equality, to gender equality, the class equality, there’s just so many. I think that we need to choose just one. Just one issue.

Talk about it, create conversation about it, think about it, research it, what is it going to effect, where is it going to go, look at the consequences, look at the benefits, excetera. If it’s still an issue that is important to you or to the many, then take that one issue, and move forward with a unified heart, a unified goal in a unified mind. When you win, then take up the next issue, and do the same. Create discussion, create debate, create conversation, create Middle Ground. 

Have an open mind,  have an open heart. Don’t look at other people’s differences, look at your similarities. You may be shocked to learn that there are people out there on both sides of the coin that believe as you. But unless we are willing to work together, we are not going to be able to function as a nation. We are not going to be able to heal this Rift that has existed for 8 years, if not longer. We have lost the ability to talk to each other without yelling, without being angry, without being frustrated, and without being fearful.

When you invite your friends to share their thoughts,  listen to them with an open heart,  and leave your anger,  frustration,  and fear at the door.  Talk to them.  Listen to what they have to say.

Breathe. Let Go.